Friday, August 31, 2007

Gary Baseman

Shot a cover for a book of a plastic figure by Gary Baseman. If you don't know who Gary Baseman is and haven't seen a current issue of Communication Arts or Archive check out


An article on 3 brothers who became Preachers. These were shot in different churches in NC, I'm sure the ground trembled when I entered the sanctuary. All shot about the same 2 Profoto heads,normal umbrella camera right and a small umbrella camera left. I dragged the shutter to let in some ambient light.

Preach 2

Preach 2

Preach 1

Preach 1

Big Tex Birthday Bash

Another year and the Big Tex Birthday Bash. My ears are still ringing and I think I'm still high from the contact buzz.


Image from a shoot at NCSU MBA program,not retouched. I love the big group shots. 2 Speedotron heads on balcony with wide reflectors and Profoto beauty dish below.

AIGA Casino night

Shot the local AIGA Casino night, I was down in the basement and the AC wasn't working. Got to use my new Profoto D4 ringlight.

lenoir hospital

Some out takes from a shoot for lenoir hospital. I shot this at a video production house after the motion. I thought my studio was small till I had to shoot there.


An article on a local family owned jewelry store.

hazy light

Been awhile since I posted ...... Just slammed and shooting everyday and booked for the next 2 weeks. I drove down to Gaffney SC 2 weeks ago and picked up a Hazy light and pack. A 6 hour drive but got a bargin.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Doctors at the park

Shots for a hospital of Doctors relaxing at the park. AB 800w double diffusion camera right,pocket wizard,Sun Pack 522 above camera lighting foliage.

Meredith Cover

Alien Bee 800w with double diffusion camera left, AB 400w backlight all running off Vagabond.

Meredith Cover

Out-takes from Cover for Women in the Triangle.

Womens Edge Magazine

Cover out take for Womens Edge Magazine. Lots of lights and gels ........

Super Model

I decided to revisit my Super Model shot with a new model. Octodome camera left, Profoto beauty dish center top, 20 degree grid back light, 2 speedo heads with reflectors on background.

Lobster Girl

Some how I ended up with 20 lobster bibs ......... 8 foot Octodome camera right low power, 3 grids from all direction ??

going through old files

Just going through old files to make some prints.


Working on some editorial shots about gardens ........

Wake Rad

More doctors for Wake Rad. Simple set-up softbox left/right back light and background light. Images will be stripped out.