Monday, March 30, 2009

Flip book for TV test

Had a pow-wow with a creative agency the other day and the concept was a flip book style documentary video for a TV commercial. I'm a sucker for a challenge. I've done stop motion in the past 16 mm and Super 8, but nothing in the digital world. I'm sure there is a mathmatical formula for something like this, frame rate divided by speed x distance + time - the square root of Pi ........ I went with the SWAG theory Scientific Wild Ass Guess. Thought I'd shoot a test before we went on location. Stop sign in front of the studio 30 frames 360° spin 00:03. Can't get the video to upload but here's a link Flip Book Test

Flip Book data

2,043 Rawfiles processed to Tiff. files = 163.11 GB's of info.
I've never really worried about space before but I've got this on 3 machines and 2 drives ............

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Outch !! Snap shots and a Tetanus shot .....

I'll get to the tetanus shot at the end. Can't say much about the shoot except it's a very cool conceptual piece and for a good cause. Not everyday I have 16 people at the studio. Big thanks to Angie for make-up and DirectionsUSA for some of the talent. I was lucky that the location ( a new / moved house ) was only 1 1/2 blocks from the studio. The sun was best in late afternoon so we spent the morning doing some landscaping around the home. After everyone left I went back to help pack up. We'd removed an erosion control fence earlier, putting it back I stepped on the spike to get it in the ground and it went through my shoe. I took my shoe off and my sock was covered in blood, I haven't had a tetanus shot in about 10 years, so off I went. I don't want to sound like a baby, but it's been 2 days and I can barely move my left arm above my shoulder, and I'm walking around like Kevin Spacey as Keyser Söze in the Usual Suspects.

Welcome to my neighborhood

Part of my Welcome to my neighborhood series. This is Frankie who lives at the opposite corner of my studio. There are about 10 people that live in the house, I'm not sure what the story is ....... Frankie always has this plastic comb that hangs out from his mini-afro. He's very soft spoken compared to the other people in the neighborhood, he's always showing my photo's he's snapped with his phone.


Shot some new talent Garrett for FUSE. I've been seeing the promo image for the new Star Trek movie and tried that in the studio. Really need to drive to the coast and get Garrett with a surfboard ........

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ring Ring Ring

I'm never a big fan of group shot, but this one really turned out nice. This was for the Raleigh Ringers. 17 people, I was able to get the lights and myself up high enough that there were no shadows on any faces. We ended up pulling down a white curtain for the group to stand on and used the other curtain as the background. Took out some wrinkles alittle pen tool action and selective color on the white and it made a nice white background.

looking casual

Looking for some casual shots of people leaning, on something ............ What to do ? We found an old shelf unit and rigged it with a C-stand so the talent could have something to lean on. Lot's of left overs from lunch ..........

AM Series

Since the time change, it's still dark when I come into work. I've stopped a few times and snapped some photo's.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Good Morning .... WHAT THE F*CK ......

A picture's worth a thousand words, what else can I say .......... I laughed than I threw up .........

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drive by shooting

Not sure where I'm going with this. The past few days when I've been driving around I've taken my camera with me. I crank up the ISO to 400 and put on an 85mm. I set the aperture for the sunny side and know to open up 5 clicks for the shady side. I'm just pointing the camera out the window at interesting things. I'm not looking through the view finder just some creative cropping. I know I've missed a ton of great shots (stuff not in the frame or to blurry) but it's kinda fun to get back to the studio and see what I've got.

five diamond

Nice to see how the other have of the world lives at a five diamond hotel. I'm use to motel 6 or the Days Inn. What a great place and the art work was to die for. Working on some shots for Women's Edge Magazine. Traveling lean and light with the Profoto kit 2 packs and 6 heads.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Party at the studio

Cleaned up in front of the studio this morning, think some people in the neighborhood had a good time. Suspended above black velvet 16X22 softbox.

The Bain Project

I volunteered for The Bain Project the other night, some random snapshots. Got to hang out with SHAWN ROCCO who is turning the photojournalist community upside down with his cell phone images check it out at PDN Pulse.

Triangle Addy Awards

The Pro bono work continues. Did some grip and grin shots for the Triangle Addy Awards. First time I've been to the DPAC, what a great space, I'll be back tomorrow for some uplifting inspiration from Morrissey. It's always great to hang out with other creative people. I didn't enter anything I'm the biggest procrastinator, Oops the CA deadline was last week. Nothing I shot won any awards but I had some stuff hanging in the show Capstrat Eaton Corporation, Jennings Truliant and Crittenden for AKC. Rumor has it things are picking back up, which is good news for everyone in the industry.

Vegetables that start with the letter "A"

This is a revisit from some stuff I shot years ago, a series of vegetables that start with letters of the alphabet. I'll be moving onto "B" bananas,beets and broccoli . I used some small fresnel light with gels and flashlights for light painting and a 30 sec. exposure.

confidentiality agreement

Seems like the last few things I've shot have come with a confidentiality agreement ........ Oh well .....

Portraits of Raleigh update ......

Got the kids in bed early on Friday and ran down to the Raleigh City Museum for the Portraits of Raleigh show. All kinds of great work hanging on the walls and being projected. I need to track down some folks. I got an honorable mention of my imagine of "Sandra and the Opera Singer". Imagine my surprise when I saw the Art & Living section in the N&O Sunday morning, I am truly flattered.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Portraits Of Raleigh

Trying to get out the door ......... If you not doing anything tonight check out the exhibition at the Raleigh City Museum " Portraits Of Raleigh ". I got 2 images in .............