Friday, May 30, 2008

3 day location catalog

If you can't get the product to the studio go to the product ...... 3 days on the Johnny T-shirt catalog in Hillsborough NC. Some table top,models and lots of T-shirts and jackets. A fun project, but long hours. I don't know how people can work in RTP and drive I40 everyday. There was a car in front of me on the way home and the licence plate was I-H8-I40 ...... Classic .......

stop to take the shot. LOST.......

I think it was on Highway 42, I passed an old factory/power station, I was running late, but turned around anyway to shoot some photo's. I knew I'd never be back this way. Same thing with the field. I just accepted the fact I'd be late with all the tractors and goats crossing the road.
Years ago I was driving from Madrid Spain to Faro Portugal ( looks closer on the map ) I'd been in the car for about 8 hours and had 4 to go. I passed a hill of golden wheat with a single olive tree in the middle and it was one of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen. I didn't stop to take a picture. This is something I regret to this day, maybe one day I'll get back and try to capture my lost image. So now I try to stop and take the shot, even if I'm running late or in a hurry.

Snap shots in Sanford

Some snap shots walking around downtown Sanford.


Some shots for a story on Sanford NC and the surrounding area. Had a good time walking the streets downtown. The Sanford Antique mall is great and goes on forever.

10 minute food shoot

Working on some images for NC Signature Magazine of local restaurants, Crooks Corner in Chapel Hill. Set up outside on the patio on a black table soft-box camera left and grid for backlight on right. This was the wait staffs dinner, the tray of food arrived at 5:10 and left at 5:20 so the staff could eat before the doors opened at 5:30. One of the fastest shoots I've ever done. I'm usually not a big fan of shooting food on black, but I think the shots turned out OK, I took advantage of the bamboo for the strawberry sorbet shot. Thanks to Bill Smith chef for his patience.
I was suppose to shoot the Magnolia Grill in Durham, but they told me to download some images from the website. I know I'm not with the NY Times,Gourmet Magazine or Bon Appetite but, just let me do my job and take some cool images.

red espresso tea

An article on red espresso tea. Shot with a combination of available light and strobes. Thanks to A Southern Seasons and Weathervane Restaurant (thanks for lunch), this is one of the only local place that serves red espresso tea.

Bavarian Brathaus

The Bavarian Brathaus for an article coming out in October, who thought German food could look so good. Owner Paul Hoffman was a pleasure to work with, he had the kitchen jumping. Some of the best Kartoffel Puffer (potato pancakes) I've ever had. Soft-box front left and grid back right.

18 Seaboard

Working on some images for NC Signature Magazine of local restaurants. This was my trip to 18 Seaboard for some food shots. A big thank you to Jason chef and owner (the one holding the fish), he was really into this preparing food and locations and made my job easier.

Jones street revisit again

I stopped by Jones street the other night. I was alittle bummed the gate was locked so I couldn't match my camera position. I didn't feel like trespassing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

fire fire fire

This was a way cool assignment for a magazine cover. I got to shot the Assistant Fire Chief at a training center. The burn room can really put off some heat and smoke. 2 AB's with reflectors, warm gel on one and a deep red on the other.

3 day catalog grind

A 3 day catalog grind. I can just get in a the zone and crank through this stuff, of course I have to stop every few hours and clean up the studio. Most of the products glass and silver, fun for lighting.

Rock the runway

A little pro-bono work, Rock the runway. There were 10 studio photographers, at first we were in 10x10 tents in the parking lot, with the sun setting behind us and the wind lifting the tents off the ground. We had alittle photographer mutiny and ended up inside.

free day

Had a free day last week and got together with Fuse Talent and Meschantes Couture. It was a super windy and overcast day. I tried to go for an almost night type of shot. I wish my camera would sync above a 250th. Had the AB's out, if they blew over not a big deal, main and backlight. Got afew studio shots, Profoto beauty dish and grid for backlight.

shooting shooting

On assignment for an article on a family that "shoots" together. I haven't shot a gun since my days in Vegas 15 years ago. I had a good time shooting those skeet out of the air. An overcast day, just tried to add some snap with a main light and a backlight.

Remember those headshots

Remember those headshots from 4 years ago ? We just hired some new people and want to match those shots. For me this is always the hardest thing to do, match an existing shot. This was back before I was snapping photo's of my set-up's.

group shots

A set-up from group shots up at UNC. I did some event coverage aswell. The shoot went great and the event ended @ 250 people left at the same time and tried to get out of the parking deck with only one attendant, I sat in the car for over an hour waiting to get out......

Friday, May 9, 2008

JohnPaul Harris

Some shots for a magazine article on artist JohnPaul Harris. He is one of the most unique individuals I've ever met. Photo's of his home and studio don't do justice, it was a cross between the Swiss Family Robinson and Sanford and Son's. It was a gloomy rainy day but we got off afew outdoor shots. JohnPaul Harris has a Cirkut Rotating Panoramic Camera that's been modified with an electric motor. This thing was so old school and new school, the film is 10inches by 7 feet and you get 2 shots and make a contact print.
I'm off to find the squirrel living in my studio, he's set off the motion detector twice this week .............

tools of medicine

A shot for Duke "tools of Medicine".The first images was trying to simulate overhead garage light and it looked to flat ( overhead softbox and alittle fill). The other image were shot with the 20in beauty dish with grid upper left and a 7in grid coming from the right.


Got around to ordering some Giclée prints 16x20's only $7.95 plus 40% off. Check out Winkflash

Home based business American Gothic

Working on a story about home based businesses, women who juggle working from home and being a mom. A take off on American Gothic. Had the AB's out main camera left and a backlight coming from camera right behind the subjects.

Going to the dogs

I was down in Sanford shooting an article on the Bon-Clyde dog acting school. How can you take a bad picture of a dog ? The owners of the dogs were worried about the flash when the dogs were jumping. I tried to shoot ambient light ISO at 1200, mixed lighting daylight,fluorescent and sodium vapor the images looked really bad. At the end of doggie class I set-up some strobes, Profoto 1200 umbrella left and beauty dish on right on the jump, Profoto 600 with reflector for the ceiling.

jones street revisit

I went back to Jones street the other night, they seem to be making progress on the demolition. I'm shooting at @ 8:45 PM, the sky is totally dark to the eye @ f5.6 for 20-30 sec. with a tungsten color balance. To me it's like magic when the preview on the camera comes up the blue of the sky just pops.

foot fetish final

The final image from the "foot fetish" shoot. See the set-up at

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rose Post

I was in Salisbury NC the other day to photograph Rose Post for NC Our State Magazine. I seem to be back on my hard light kick again. All were shot with a 22in Profoto Beauty dish with grid and either a standard reflector bounced for fill or small grid. I broke down and bought the tenba case for the beauty dish $185, ouch bend me over .... it was getting knocked around and abused. My case fetish continues, my camera bag has been a disaster for awhile, I got a lightware 1420 as a new camera bag about a month ago, but haven't made the transfer. To get back to Rose Post, it was one of those neat people assignments. A very charming woman. It was like stepping back in time with the decor of the home. I took twice as many photo's as I usually do she kept talking and telling these great stories. She asked me my name about 20 times during the shoot.