Friday, December 17, 2010

Advertising Photography Raleigh

Got to work with Scott McClure at Ogilvy & Mather, Durham A test shot from the shoot.
A BIG thanks to Matt McConnell for letting us use his space and modeling for us.

Editorial photography Raleigh

Got to hang out in Carmichael Gym / Duke with Seth Curry. He's very soft spoken and easy to work with, but on the court he is on fire. Thought I could get one by him as I sported my PBR headband and wristband, I was wrong.

Editorial photography Raleigh

I had a knock on the door this week, it was Reverend Bruce from the church 3 blocks from the studio. The church was starting a boxing school for trouble youths in the neighborhood "The School of Hard Knocks". He want to know if I'd take some pictures for him. I'd been shooting products on white all week so any excuse to get out. I grabbed a pack and 3 heads, 2 locations in 2 hours. I was happy with the results.

Editorial photography Raleigh

Shots that made it to print for Our State Magazine. Tis the season for A christmas Carol at Theater in the Park.

Editorial photography Raleigh

Some shots that made it to print of Watt's Grocery in Durham and Poole's Diner in Raleigh.

Corporate Photography Raleigh

Some images that made it to print for NC Public Power.

Advertising Photography Raleigh

Working on a bunch of product images for Holly Aiken at Stitch

Commercial photography Raleigh

Some goofy set shots from different shoots. If you can't have fun your in the wrong business.


Not sure what the story is on the Raleighwood sign, it just appeared one day on Hillsborough St. across from Cup-A-Joe.

Misc. snapshots

Misc. snapshots

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Editorial photography Raleigh

Went to the Ensure Classic on assignment for Golf Digest Magazine for a story on Bernhard Langer.

Annual Report Photography Raleigh

Working on a big project for an annual report and corporate material for an utility company. Been traveling across NC taking photo's. Met some great people and seen some cool places along the way.

Corporate Photography Raleigh

Working on a big project for an annual report and corporate material for an utility company. Been traveling across NC taking photo's. Met some great people and seen some cool places along the way.

Commercial Photography Raleigh

Some random set shots. Shooting in all kinds of interesting spaces ... airport lobbies, ballrooms, lodges, streets and electric plants.

Advertising Photography Raleigh

Wow, seem to be very busy lately. Lots of advertising, commercial and editorial photography. I was in the studio for almost 10 days working on a big product shoot. A couple editorial jobs at Poole's Diner and Watts Grocery, ground breaking and book stores.

Random snapshots


Found a few sheets of old Polaroid film lying around the other day. Waiting to get my film back.

Morning view photography

Some of my favorite shots from my Morning view series.

NC State Fair

I always try to make it out to the NC State Fair the day before it opens, just to check it out and snap some photo's.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Featured on Wonderful Machine tearsheets

Featured on Wonderful Machine tearsheets

Set shots and goofing around

Set shots and goofing around. Did I mention I met Chuck-D from Public Enemy ?

Raleigh NC Product Photography

A 7 day marathon of shooting and retouching ........

Big Motors

Hey we have some BIG motors for you to photograph ..... I didn't realize how BIG they were, glad I brought some extra lights.

Vollis Simpson

Took a detour the other day looking for Vollis Simpson and got really lost. I haven't been to the wind park in @ 20 years. I was lucky to find it. 20 years ago Vollis was running around like a mad man, today he seems to work mostly from a rolling chair. His legs and feet have gotten bad. Nice to see someone with a vision and passion for what he dose. It was bitter sweet. I've heard talk of moving the wind park so if you want to see it make the road trip before it's gone.

Stuff on white

I bought my kids a slinky and won't let them play with it till I photographed it.
The trumpet player was walking down my street playing and I dragged him into the studio for a few photos.
Not the right lighting set up, but shot him anyway.

Morning View Raleigh NC

I try to stop and take a photo everyday on the way into the studio. Just something to do for myself. I change up my route into downtown to find new places. Sometimes I know the spot I want to shoot the day before. Funny, I'll lie in bed thinking about it and can't wait to wake up and go shoot.

Hopscotch Music Festival

Some shots from The Hopscotch Music Festival, 3 days of fun and music. Got to meet Chuck-D of Public Enemy. What a great guy.

Fashion photography Raleigh NC

Images from FashionSpark 2010

Fashion photography Raleigh NC

Images from Fashion Spark 2010

Just a weird night of shooting ......

Just a weird night of shooting ......

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Speedway Project

I ventured out to Wake County Speedway, working on my Speedway project. This was my first race of the season, just no time and the weather has been really hot so most small town tracks aren't running. I spent a lot of time with these people last year and it was good to see them. I was met with hugs and hand shakes, not to get all sappy but it was nice. I always send some prints to the tracks after I shoot and 2 people came up and slipped me a $20, I tried to refuse. Racing is like anything in life, you have the haves and have nots, people trying to keep up with the Jones ..... People driving broken down cars from rusty trailers and state of the art motor coaches. Just a really weird juxtaposition ..... For me it's like going to a football game, the tailgating is the best part. Once the racing begins I'm out of there ...... For me it's the people not the racing that keep me coming back.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Product Editorial Photography Raleigh NC

In print. The final image used in TIME Magazine for the article on cord blood donation.

In print Editorial photography Raleigh

Some photography on strawberry picking for NC Wine Press Magazine.


Had a great time with Beer2-D2. Beer2-D2 is the ultimate party droid. A beer dispensing, shot dispensing galaxy saving machine of love.

Beer2-D2 behind the scenes video

Beer2-D2 behind the scenes video

Commercial Editorial photography Raleigh NC

Some goofy behinds the scenes photographs from recent shoots. I really need to stay behind the camera.

BP Oil Spill Photography

I've seen alot of other photographers doing this so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm not real happy with the look of my fake oil and don't think white was the right color to photograph on. Maybe I'll revisit this one day. I still have sand everywhere ....

Raleigh Portrait photography

My homeless man Oscar stopped by the other day to see if I had any odd jobs he could do. I was set up for some portrait photography and Oscar was nice enough to let me photograph him. I've shot him over the course of seven years off and on, in that time he's lost @ 80lbs.

Raleigh NC B&W around town

Some B&W images of Raleigh NC

Raleigh NC editorial photography

Some editorial work on light bulbs and advantages of going fluorescent.

Drive by

Around the house at night

Around the house at night.

Mr. Jay

Some photos of my friend Jay. I tried to get him to cry for that Jill Greenberg type look, but I didn't have a lollipop ....

Yes it is a peach

Yes it is a peach. Finds from the local farmers market here in Raleigh. Seem to be a light painting mood lately.

Misc. snapshots

A trip to the farmers market and 2 lighting strikes, one in the backyard and one across the street from the studio.

Money Plant

It's that time of year in Raleigh NC when the money plants are in full bloom. I grabbed one on the way into the studio the other day to do some photography. Ended up using a 350w Arri hotlight and a flashlight for some light painting. I thought the images looked better in B&W.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I do a lot of work with Cancer survivors. Big thanks to Shannon Hall - make-up extraordinaire : ) .
I'm man enough to admit I had tears in my eyes on more than one occasion.

TIME Magazine 07/26/10

Shot some images for TIME Magazine on cord blood, some location shots up at Duke and studio shots.


Spent the day in Richmond working with the folks from ACR.

When client's aren't looking.

Contest entry

Contest entry "Guy's night out". Seems to be the deadline for photo contest .....