Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day of Prep

A day of Prep for some product shots. I love the sound of a Hazy Light going off and the little beep.

Random weekly snapshots 12-29-09

Copy Work

Some copy work for an agencies portfolio. Backed the lights off and low power to shoot @ f/4.5 for some shallow depth of field.

In Print

Thursday, December 24, 2009

random weekly snapshots 12-23-09

random weekly snapshots 12-23-09

secret location

What ? Going to print next week ? Off to a secret location for a shoot before 2 days before Christmas. I'll let you know more next week.

Absolut Holiday

A good idea but bad execution.

My cell phone

Still boycotting the 21st century and don't have a cell phone. Can I make it another year ?


Went the other day with my photo buddy Mark Petko and walked the streets of downtown Durham.

Friday, December 18, 2009

weekly random snapshots 12-18-09

Been looking at a lot of Picasso lately, think I'm going through my "Blue" period.

Cancer Survivor

This is the 5th in the Cancer Survivor series. I was going to get all techie on the shoot spec's since I was kicking it old school 4x5, but I took away a lot more from the shoot than I thought. I got to hear a good part of the interview and thought I'd share that. Don't take life for granted, cherish everyday and the time we all have together. Mr. X said when he wakes up in the morning the sky is always bluer and colors are more vivid and the music is sweeter. His wife said battling cancer is all about team work, you feel like a bungie cord, somedays your stretched to your limit other you're fine and relaxed. Kinda made me think how people take everyday for granted. I almost got weepy .............

Products on white

Nothing like white boxes on a white background.

Good bye Blue Wall ........


I'd been editing video out in the main studio area, thought it was time for a change. Some rearranging and painting in the prop room. Got a monitor on order and some black curtains.

What's that sound ?

Just stuff falling off the Christmas tree ...............

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods

Just looking through the archives from the 1998 US Open. Looking for a good image of Tiger Woods for an intro image to the new website

Friday, December 11, 2009

Random weekly snapshots

Random weekly snapshots 12-11-09

Beverly Perdue

A call from a corporate client to cover Governor Beverly Perdue on site while she signs an Executive Order Creating Logistics Task Force. I'm sure the local media people were not happy with me setting up Big lights for the event. I tried shooting available light, the exposure was ISO 1000 - 1/125 @ f/2.8 and it looked really bad. It was a dark warehouse, so I ended up with a Profoto and soft-box as the main light an an AB with umbrella on the background.


Some location shots, went a little crazy with the blue gel's.

Nothing says class like wood paneling

I do some standard head shots on white for a local agency. At some point I go out and shoot some casual images around the office. No time to go on location so we tried some in the studio. Nothing says class like wood paneling

Grip and grin

Tis the season for grip and grin shots. When a corporate client calls you do what you can.

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Website

The big news of the week is my New Website bryan regan photography is up and running and my email now works.
Thank you PR people

Raleigh photographer Bryan Regan launches his new website at Regan’s recent clients include
Time Magazine, Business Week, GE and UNC.

About Bryan Regan Photography:
Bryan Regan works with national and local advertising agencies, magazines and corporations.
With over 20 years experience in all aspects of photography, Regan is at ease on commercial and editorial
assignments. Bryan Regan Photography is represented by Wonderful Machine.

A night at the Museum

Working on a cover shot for a new magazine. We got to shoot in the basement of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. The staff was great. I could've spent hours looking at stuff. Big thanks to Angie at Face Artistry for hair and make up.

Getting ready for Christmas

I do feel a little guilty. I tell myself I decorate the house for the holidays for the kids, but I think it's really more for me. Trying to keep some of that Pittsburgh tradition alive in the south. Should make a great backdrop with the kids for Christmas cards.

Black Friday

Went out and shot some images on Black Friday for the Picture Black Friday photo contest.
My orginal intention for Black Friday was crowds ,chaos long exposures and blurry people.
As I scouted out the local Best Buy’s I noticed a vacant Circuit City, and down the street
a vacant Linens-N-things. I felt more drawn to these places than the crowds. It seemed on
every corner there were homeless people out with signs looking for help. I know these images
are more anti-Black Friday, but feel they repsesent the social and economic times we live in.

packing for location

Packing for location ...... everything except the Hazy .....

I hope she's OK

head shots

My favorite head shots on white ......

misc. snap shots 12-11-09

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Got to play cowboy this week. Working with some people at Ogilvy in Durham on a project.

Annual painting of the floor

Time for the annual painting of the floor. Do the white over the Thanksgiving holiday and gray over x-mas. Got to love oil based paint.

5 years ........

It's been 5 years since I bought my building. Went through the archives and pulled some old snap shots of the place. Just kinda take me down memory lane and how times have changed. My battle with the TTA over eminent domain and the condemnation of my old space ( just so you know it's still there and has tenants ). I learned a lot about roof's and leaks this year and still have some issues. I'm trying to pay off the studio in 7 years, business is still good but slow so I might be on the 8 year plan. Who knows maybe I'll finally get an awning up this year.

weekly random snapshots

A short week but got off some snap shots. Did some location scouting at the Museum of Natural Science and got to check out the basement, very cool.

Commercialized Religion

Still probably going to hell for this series ..... I got off a couple shots before I was run off and told I was trespassing. I was really on an access road. Used the Tronix inverter to power the x-mas lights, 2 AB's and 25' sec exposure, unplugged the lights after @ 5' sec.

Friday, November 20, 2009

location scouting

Some location scouting, seems to be alot of horses around ......

On the floor

The art director snapped an iphone FPO on his hardwood floor and the client signed off. Off we went for some product shots, my back is still killing me.


The kits just keep on coming. Forgot to do a set-up shot.

Commercialized Christmas

Tis the season, OK I'm probably going to hell ......... Just trying to make a statement about the commercialized Christmas.

Random weekly snapshots


Such a nice day, had to get out. The Cargil Plant ( most people still call it the Purina plant ) about a mile from the studio.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Broccoli in a Flower-pot

The name says it all "Broccoli in a Flower-pot". Showing my intern Maria Brubeck some old school photo techniques. Did some old school Arron Jones light painting, with split diffusion. We didn't get the Hosemaster out just a couple of flashlights. 25 sec. f/16 Harrison & Harrison D4 on camera for background and part of front for that dreamy look. A good day of learning light painting, diffusion, dulling spray and cinefoil. I think Maria is now excited she got alittle OCD.

Once Aweek

So I got this idea after watching our jack-o-lanterns deteriorate over the past week. One frame of film once aweek, I know it's been done to death, but I think I'll give it a try do some oversized proof sheets. I tried my best to clean out a spot in the prop-room, the problem is going to be not bumping the camera or set over the next 63 days. I can't do anything that's going to smell or get to nasty, I'd really like to try a big bucket of KFC, but think I'll do a loaf of Wonder Bread next.

More doctors

Some more doctor shot this week .

cleaning and organizing

Spent the day cleaning and organizing the studio - Some goodies I found.
My first ibook, think it's OS 8.01
A box of old polaroids, Oh the memories. What's a polaroid ?
A catalog from last year where I actually won 2 silver awards

Welcome to my Neighborhood Christine #2

Lighting vs no lights ...... I saw Christine sitting in the park the other day so I grabbed some gear and ran up there. I've shot Christine before for my Neighborhood Project and was not happy with the results. I shot her with hard light last time, so this time I took an umbrella. She still looked very shinny and when retouched looks like a Glamour shot. Ended up shooting with available light, not really my style but better results.

weekly random snapshots

weekly random snapshots, and notice the leak around the studio window .........

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Crack of all chips

Sun Chips ...... they really are healthy ....... With the help of my intern Maria Brubeck Small softbox, grid for back light Arri hotlight on background blue gel and a focus pull.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AIGA David Burney Roast

The pro-bono god's call again. The AIGA David Burney Roast or PBR fest. A good time was had by all. A couple Profoto heads upstairs beat flash on camera any day.
An active and long-time member of AIGA, Burney is a founding member and former President of the Raleigh chapter. He also served as the Chair of the National President’s Council. David has nearly 30 years experience building and leading creative services organizations as the owner of Burney Design, Chief Creative Officer at Capstrat, Chief Designer at the NC Museum of Art, and as Vice President of Brand Communications and Design at Red Hatone of the world’s most disruptive technology brands. He is also a founding partner & Chief Executive Officer of New Kind.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hanging with the King

Did some more photo's of the No hands Wheelie King and shot some more B roll footage. Just got it downloaded and am excited to have alook. Hung out the back of the SUV while going down Fayetteville St. and some shots where Rodney grew up in Walnut Terrace.

Weekly random snapshots

Weekly random snapshots.