Friday, February 20, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Raleigh Food Photography

Raleigh Food Photography Some images for Our State Magazine of Videri Chocolate

Raleigh Food Photography

Raleigh Food Photography Spent some time in Mount Olive, NC photographing food for HWY55

Raleigh Portrait Photography

Raleigh Portrait Photography   I've been in my studio for over 10 years, and have know Eugine since the first day I moved in. He stopped by the other morning and want some photo's for court because he got jumped the day before on New Bern Ave.

Raleigh Food Photography

Raleigh Food Photography Images for Kanki

Raleigh Headshot Photography

Raleigh Headshot Photography Working on some different set ups for head shots.

Raleigh Skyline

Raleigh Skyline Working on some time lapse footage of Raleigh NC. This is a still from Dix Hill.

Raleigh skyline

Raleigh skyline Out and about shooting the Raleigh skyline.

Raleigh photography

Raleigh photography More personal work in Edenton NC.