Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Featured on Wonderful Machine tearsheets

Featured on Wonderful Machine tearsheets

Set shots and goofing around

Set shots and goofing around. Did I mention I met Chuck-D from Public Enemy ?

Raleigh NC Product Photography

A 7 day marathon of shooting and retouching ........

Big Motors

Hey we have some BIG motors for you to photograph ..... I didn't realize how BIG they were, glad I brought some extra lights.

Vollis Simpson

Took a detour the other day looking for Vollis Simpson and got really lost. I haven't been to the wind park in @ 20 years. I was lucky to find it. 20 years ago Vollis was running around like a mad man, today he seems to work mostly from a rolling chair. His legs and feet have gotten bad. Nice to see someone with a vision and passion for what he dose. It was bitter sweet. I've heard talk of moving the wind park so if you want to see it make the road trip before it's gone.

Stuff on white

I bought my kids a slinky and won't let them play with it till I photographed it.
The trumpet player was walking down my street playing and I dragged him into the studio for a few photos.
Not the right lighting set up, but shot him anyway.

Morning View Raleigh NC

I try to stop and take a photo everyday on the way into the studio. Just something to do for myself. I change up my route into downtown to find new places. Sometimes I know the spot I want to shoot the day before. Funny, I'll lie in bed thinking about it and can't wait to wake up and go shoot.

Hopscotch Music Festival

Some shots from The Hopscotch Music Festival, 3 days of fun and music. Got to meet Chuck-D of Public Enemy. What a great guy.

Fashion photography Raleigh NC

Images from FashionSpark 2010

Fashion photography Raleigh NC

Images from Fashion Spark 2010

Just a weird night of shooting ......

Just a weird night of shooting ......