Thursday, March 20, 2008

test shots

Some goofy test shots of me from a shoot, thanks to my trusted self-timer. Notice the GREAT sensitivity of the AlienBee, had an extra sync cord with a peanut going between stands, very professional ...... Now to edit 600 files ......

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

color guard

A random shot of the color guard from a highway dedication ceremony.

The local Blacksmith

"Bea" the local Blacksmith in Spruce Pines

Spruce Pines

Annual report shoot in Spruce Pines at a local Blacksmith shop. Lots of lights to help balance the natural light.


Cover shot for an in-house magazine. Lots of room for copy ..........

Re-Shoot / lab

Had a reshoot. The first series we shot at the lab the subject was in a white lab coat (oops....).

Clays Corner 3

The back room at Clays Corner on a Friday night.

Clays Corner 2

just hanging out at Clays Corner.

Clays Corner 1

Annual Report shoot at Clays Corner Clays Corner is located in Brasstown NC and is the O'Possum Capital of the South. Every New Years they have a O'Possum drop, and rumor has it that all the men dress in drag. Every Friday night the locals get together in the back of Clays Corner store and have alittle jam session.
Profoto on Tronix with umbrella camera left, AB camera right back light,AB with diffusion camera right on background,Profoto pack in the store.

Hickory Motor Speedway

Some random shots around Hickory Motor Speedway, it's tough shooting when your holding a camera and an umbrella.

Annual Report in Hickory

Shots from Hickory Motor Speedway. Did I mention it was pouring down raining ? You have to work with what you got. Out of 12 shots for the annual report this was the only one with really bad weather. I think the umbrella is a nice touch.

Road Trip

Road trip out to western NC for Annual Report shoot. Snow .........

product shots

some product shots, nothing is retouched or clipped out ............

setting up for products

Setting up for some product shots, top light main,side light fill -1/2 stop, grid for back light + 1/2.


Had a shoot in Sanford and passed a trailer park on the way.

I love downtown Raleigh

Out my front door the other day ..........

feeling lazy with the Hazy

I had a small product shot of a pedometer, silver and black ...... I should think about getting one of those light tents for small products. I tried afew different set-ups and this one worked the best, a sweep on the left and right side to give some dimension to the pedometer. I couldn't find my pocket wizard sync cord for the Hazy light, so I had my SB-800 on a SC-17 in my pocket to trigger the slave on the pack. kinda funny ..........

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Some random shots from DC. I got alittle bored in the hotel room ..........


Don't know how I did it , but I'm all pack for DC ...........


Made it down to Asheboro for some of the Annual Report shoot. We shot at a coverage bridge and it was a beautiful day. 2 light set up on the jumping fill camera right and a backlight from the left. Covered bridge 2 lights coming from left side, one on the subject with diffusion and one for the bridge.

Chief Justice

Made it out to shoot a Chief Justice of the NC supreme court for the cover of a magazine. Used 2 grids for back light to help give some separation.