Friday, June 29, 2007

Peace College

This looks like the shoot from St. Mary's ? I think they are even wearing the same color. AB light camera left and back light at +1/2 stop behind .


a quick headshot test ......

Coach on Ebay

A quick 20 min. shoot and comp. The wife ordered some fancy shoes off Ebay and they didn't fit. Now's your chance to own them at a fraction of the cost.

clean studio

I cleaned up the place and set-up for a shoot ..........

Friday, June 22, 2007

The studio is a mess

What a week, this place is a disaster zone .... I have a big shoot next week, Art director,Acct. Manager,models a real dog and pony show. I better get cleaning ..............

copy work

Some copy work. Each image is built from 2 seperate images, a main one and everything is moved except the black box, it's carded off so no reflections are showing. The images are merged in Photoshop with a layer mask.

CapStrat Print Magazine

Some shots for CapStrat for Print Magazine.

St. Marys

A profile on the school St. Marys for a local magazine. So my New Years resolution was to get away from flat lighting, put away the softboxes and umbrellas. I really into bare bulb and reflectors when shooting editorial people and 9 out of 10 time it works great. But not today ......... I have my main light 3/4 camera left and a back light 3/4 right behind the subject at + 1/2 stop to give seperation from the background. This dose not work well on a hot summer day when your subject is all dressed up and sweating. I spent more time retouching the images then shooting them.

Sinn City

A shot for the club Sinn City. Tungsten balance with fill flash.

The easy ones are the hard one #2

Some images from the "Restroom Sign" Process. I tried lighting the sign everywhich was you could think of. I ended up using a flash light and painting with light @ 12sec. exposure painting on the left and right to bring out the texture from the paper. This did cause some funky shadows on the people and letters. I ended up pathing them off and adding seperate layers for each and filling with an off white and messing with the opacity and modes.

The easy ones are the hard one #1

At first they wanted a gray restroom sign with teal letters. After 5 signs,6 cans of different spray paint, 2 hours of hand painting,staining a background and some test files the job was cancelled. So after some changes, my Clinical Trials "Restroom Sign" was back on this week. The client wanted a blue sign. Thank god I found 2 locally. The Hero "Closed For Cleaning" sign was out of proportion to the restroom sign. I think my assistant walked off with my giant Marks-A-Lot marker, a trip to the local Staples.... It only took @ 30 try's to get the right hand written sign. I set it up and started testing .... There was bleed through on the blue sign, so I had to pull it,mask it off, a trip to the hardware store to get another can of spray paint to paint the back. Got it back on set and shot it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

gun safety

Some out takes from a gun safety shoot and yes we had law officers on the set.

business guys in lab

Seems like lately I'm shooting business men in labs ........ Theses are from 2 different shoots on the same day out in RTP.


Did a series of doctors, shot on location on seamless. They'll be dropped out and place into different backgrounds. Flat open lightning 2 softboxes,backlight and background light.

New Web

Working on a place holder for a new website.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Media Circus

I was downtown the other day for a meeting. I had a teacher tell me one time to always carry a camera because you never know when a plane is going down, so I always try to carry a camera with me. I got out of my meeting and the Nifong case was getting out across the street. It was a media circus, I hpoe the first images shows that. I felt sorry for the Duke kids Reid and Colin after going through what they did and to come out and have cameras shoved in their faces. I'm to blame aswell I jumped on in .....

Color gels

Some shots from the colored gel shoot.
Front lights- 2 30x40 softboxes 800watts and 2 20 degree grids 400watts
Background/Gels - 3 Profoto acute heads, Alien Bee 800 and Alien Bee 400 all with colored gels all with reflectors.

Friday, June 15, 2007

On set

Me being goofy on set thanks to the self timer. A color gel-a-thon production.

Frank Harmon

Got to shoot Frank Harmon the architect for a magazine the other night. It was rainy and overcast. I had always want to see his home, I've driven by it all my life. It was really nice. I used the Alien Bees outside and Profoto on the inside shots all with reflectors.


Shot some fashion in the old water plant. I worked with a clothing designer named Johnathan Gatlin. It was about 100 degrees that day.


Doing a campaign for a cosmetic dentist and they paid for real talent. The images were shot with lots of contrast. The agency is doing some sorta "technicolor" process on them. I thought I was a Photoshop guru, but watching this guy do the technicolor process was crazy ..... He copied the all the channels 3 times did this and that blended,curves,levels selective color, I could go on and on ........... I haven't seen the final images. These were my picks.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

non profit

Images for an article on a non profit agency. Shot on a grassy field in Durham. 1 light 800w Alien Bee f/9 @ 250th. I tried to do a test shot of myself, but the hill was very steep..............

Monday, June 4, 2007

buzz berly

Some images from a shoot with buzz berly, an upscale university logo clothing design boutique. Shot on location at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill.

Friday, June 1, 2007

computer chip still life

Some still life's of a computer chip. Shot on a blue background with 2 Arri lights. 1 with a deep blue the other 1/4 warm. Daylight color balance shot f2.8 @ 1/30th.

drive by the studio

drive by the studio and you'll never know what you'll see ......................

copy work

Shooting more copy work of boxes. Copy lighting with 2 softboxes .......... I did shoot the hand image for the cover of the box.