Friday, June 22, 2007

The easy ones are the hard one #1

At first they wanted a gray restroom sign with teal letters. After 5 signs,6 cans of different spray paint, 2 hours of hand painting,staining a background and some test files the job was cancelled. So after some changes, my Clinical Trials "Restroom Sign" was back on this week. The client wanted a blue sign. Thank god I found 2 locally. The Hero "Closed For Cleaning" sign was out of proportion to the restroom sign. I think my assistant walked off with my giant Marks-A-Lot marker, a trip to the local Staples.... It only took @ 30 try's to get the right hand written sign. I set it up and started testing .... There was bleed through on the blue sign, so I had to pull it,mask it off, a trip to the hardware store to get another can of spray paint to paint the back. Got it back on set and shot it.

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