Friday, May 29, 2009

checking on a set

Some pre-production, checking on a set for a shoot next week.

In Print The Scientist Magazine

Shot that made it to print from a recent shoot at Duke.

shooting at an agency

You never know what your going to see shooting around an agency. I'll have to go back when the Wild Irish Rose bar is open.

Rockett, Burkhead & Winslow auction

Always sad to see an agency go under. RB&W had about 80 employees and filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They did some really nice work, I never had a chance to work with them. Thought I might pick up a cheap Mac with Final Cut, no such luck, I can get a better deal on CraigsList. I didn't need anything but bought some work station tables, I have no idea where I'm putting them but they were so cool and so cheap. You got what was on the tables when you bought them I got a tape dispenser, post it notes and this framed "Agency Purpose and Charter".

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going Green

Another insane turn around. Shot this over Memorial weekend and will probably go to print on Tue. A new Condominium development in Chapel Hill Greenbridge only problem is it's still under construction. We shot some images in the show room and some details of finishes.

location test

Some scale testing on location for an up coming shoot. Check back for the final shot.

strawberry picking and last day of school

I take a ton of photo's of my kids but never post them, to many creepy people out there ....... I'm always torn when hanging out with my kids if I should take my camera or not. If I have a camera I'm in photo mode and tend not to enjoy the moment. Stand over here,look this way Blah..blah...blah..... I think I've found a good balance. Some shots from picking strawberries and my youngest last day of school.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 day location catalog

I am silly tired .... 3 days of shooting a catalog on location, up at 5AM and home @ 7:30 PM. We shot in a warehouse in Hillsborough NC about 50 miles from the studio. All the merchandise was there and if any defects we could pull new stock.
Anything you can out a UNC logo on. This year we tried something different with or mannequin Avery, so not all the clothing shots were lay downs. It gave some of the garment a real nice shape. Hope the Canes and Penns don't go to overtime tonight, don't think I'd make it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's not Hopeless

Needless to say after all the scale model testing the Hopeless set would not fit in my studio. A big thanks to Roland at Valentine Design Group for building the set and letting us shoot in his space. The budget was so tight on this I played many roles photographer,photo assistant,chauffeur,wardrobe shopper and stylist and chauffeur again. We flew some talent in from Nashville for the day, big thanks to Ed and Mary at Locke Management for stepping up and working with us.

Raleigh fashion week Strut 09

Some behind the scenes shots from Raleigh fashion week Strut 09. I was suppose to have a seat on the runway to shoot, but somehow that didn't happen ........ I opted for the drag the shutter blurry images during the show, I was just to far away with a 200 mm to get anything good.

In Print GOP

Pretty cool shoot something one day and have it printed the next. They even used my copy "Balance and Comfort", maybe I should put the camera down and become a copywriter. Better yet I'll max out my credit cards on some ultra contemporary furniture and start my own one man agency look out JWT,BBDO,Fallon,Deutsch and all you other big NYC agencies .......

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Balance and Comfort

Some sandal shots for GOP. "I got some sandals and need some shots for an add going out tomorrow can I drop them off in the morning?". I love when a job comes in and goes out in less than a day. The concept was comfort, I had the rocks hanging out at the studio and threw in the balance part, got to love hot glue. They picked the top left image and it should be in the N&O today.


CAT Scan, PET Scan they are all running together. A great room with lots of glass and limited shooting are through the door, fill light on the floor.

looking for a location

Been running around looking for a location, a restaurant or ballroom where we can build a set.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Outer Banks Random shots

I was in the Outer Banks of NC for 4 days working on a story. I can't show any of those images yet but I took a ton of personal shots.

Outer Banks Random shots

Random shots from the Outer Banks.

Outer Banks Ferry

Snapshots from the ferry I took back and forth to Oakracoke 4 times.

Outer Banks Motel

My motel, no phone but you've got to love the electrical outlet.

Outer Banks Waterfall Park

An old water and go cart park on the side of the road

Monday, May 4, 2009

One light lighthouse

I was shooting a travel assignment for a magazine in the NC Outer Banks. I was determined to shoot the Hatteras lighthouse even though it wasn't on my shot list. I arrived late, I was shooting an assignment horse back riding on the beach at sunset, someone fell off a hors and was unconscious. I'll save that post for a new day. I get to the lighthouse at 8:30 PM and it's dark, very dark there is nothing on the Outer Banks so there is no ambient "city" light. After my 1st shot I thought the light house looked to dark, Oh .... I got some lights in the car. I grabbed an AB 800 and the Vagabon and ran toward the lighthouse and just took a wild guess. I new I didn't have time to card off the light so I just figured I'd retouch it out, I was running out of light. Final shot was f/2.8 @ 45sec. and 10 pops of the AB at full power with PW's.