Thursday, August 28, 2008

work for trade

I'm now the newest member of The Downtown Raleigh Alliance Work for trade is a tricky thing. Do you have the time is it worth your while is it a good cause. I'm all about downtown Raleigh, that's where my studio is and anything I can do to help downtown grow I'm happy to do. It was a good chance to round out my stock images of Raleigh, I get a ton of request and am working on I registered about a dozen website the other day, I need to get to work on
Ran around with 2 AB's and battery pack, glad I took the cheap lights, the wind blew one over, but it still works. YEA .... Meet some great people and had a good time. Work for trade well worth it this time.

in print

some images from recent post that made it to print.

in print

some images from recent post that made it to print.

in print

some images from recent post that made it to print.

headshots with a twist

I was asked to do some headshots the other day. Some professional studio looking shots and some outdoor casual shots. Lot's of running around. It was a nice sunny day and the subject was in full shade with some back light..

Thursday, August 21, 2008


After almost 3 years the cyc wall came in handy. What a perfect place to shoot a chrome grill. Notice the SB 800 and red gel in the grill, hot,hot,hot ...... What ? We need food for the grill ? Glad I'm downtown, thanks to The Raleigh Times for the burgers, our local hot dog man on the street and the farmers market for the corn.

Basketball goal

Rigging stuff is so much fun. Rigged the basket ball afew different ways and the best shots were when we actually shot it in the goal.


Some down and dirty FPO's, part of a 2 day shoot.


Part of a 2 day shoot, it was nice to hang out shooting objects in the studio.


Spent the day buying props and putting everything together for a 2 day shoot.


Out in RTP for some shots for A Shred Ahead. Great people,cool trucks,glad the sun was out.


Spent afew days at the beach with the extended family. I came back more tired than when I left.


Had to break out the Acute D ring flash and softlight reflector for these shots.

Cancer survivor series

More shots for the Cancer survivor series. Healthy active lifestyle....

Cancer Survivor

More shots for the Cancer survivor series.

Vet School

Spent the day at the NCSU Vet School doing some photo's for Women's Edge Magazine. Out side shots were kinda crazy a very windy day. Had the Tronix/Profoto and AB set-up going. Thanks to everyone holding my light stands.


Some headshots on a lovely blue background .... and group shot.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

face set

Some shot of the face set up. Profoto beauty dish with grid and diffusion, 2 20 degree grids for back light and a Speedotron 40 degree grid on background. Used lots of black cards and fabric around subject to keep the light scatter down.


Some shots for client (oops can't say ). close up of professional confident male. Big thanks to Angie at Fuse for make-up.


Shots from Smithfield Chicken and BBQ. Forgot to do any set shots. Profoto Soft box camera left and 2 20 degree grids for backlight.

Back to School

Some back to school products shots for Great Outdoor Provision Company. I wish I had a Pelican case for a lunch box when I was in school.

tight set

Sometime you've got to shoot where they put you. We usually shoot in a large conference room, but it was booked.


Some out takes from headshots .....

raleigh skyline

Driving back to the studio late one night. Pulled over on the MLK bridge and snapped some shots. The sky was dark, but used a tungsten color balance and it made the blue really pop.