Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GOP going green

Shot some stuff for great outdoor provision company, all about going green "St. Patrick's Day". The studio is such a mess and no end in site. Have to clean up for headshots, than pack up for location this afternoon, repack for a location tomorrow, repack for a shoot in Washington DC this weekend. There are not enough hours in the day .......................

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

King of the Pine Straw

So I get an email from an designer at a magazine about an article on pine straw
"This isn't an usual assignment and doesn't seem like it will be very easy. That is why I have chosen you, you know how to make something look great when it isn't..I am hoping you will take this assignment on and prove to me how great pine needles are."
I love a challenge and was excited about shooting pine straw .............

pine straw 2

Some out-takes from my pine straw shoot .......

roadside attractions

This was on my way back from Carthage, had to stop and take a shot .........


Some shots from the weekend shoot at UNC for an annual report project. The lab was really tight, beauty dish with grid camera right,side light with grid,grid on background art.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A free afternoon

Had some free time the other day and shot with a new model Sandra. Had a great time and got some great shots also had some random people jump in. Thats what happen when you shoot across from the homeless shelter. Single AB 800w .......

Can't say ...........

Can't say who the client is or what agency I shot it for or what it is "confidentiality agreement"..........

Got to make a living

Not the most creative work, but it pays the bills. I spent more time retouching than shooting. The building never get any direct sun this time of year and the client didn't want a dusk or dawn shot.

At The Mall

So, I had a grip and grin gig at the mall over the weekend. Just some shots goofing around .........

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

foot fetish ?

So I don't have a freaky foot fetish, this is another Can't say who the client is, the robot spiders are always searching the web. It's hard to find a good ethnically neutral female foot model, but we did ( thanks to Fuse Talent ). Soft box over head, 2 grids with 1/4ct as backlight. , blue gel, grid,cine-foil for the background.

group shoot

Can't say who the client is, their robot spiders are always searching the web ........

Annual Report Manteo

Some shots for an annual report in Manteo. Check out photo assistant extraordinaire Tyler Northrup risking live and limb holding an un-grounded Vagabond pack on the dock. Anything to get the shot ...

Kitty Hawk

We were in Manteo and Kitty Hawk/Wright Brothers are just down the road. Some random snap shots.

Wright Brothers

Just hanging out at Kitty Hawk .....

headshot set-up

I'm always getting calls to do location headshots. This is my ideal set-up 15 feet X 25 feet, but I can make anything work most of the time. It seems clients always say "we have a conference room and we can push the table to the side" . We usually end up in the buildings lobby or the warehouse.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Some shots from Laurinburg. A beautiful day and Craig was great and could juggle. Sun was the main light an AB 800 used as fill.

just hanging out in Laurinburg

just hanging out in Laurinburg ......

Monday, February 4, 2008

Builders Mutual

Some production shot from Builders Mutual, just show up at a new construction site and shoot it. I still haven't got around to doing the composite.........

Scotland Neck 1

This is my favorite shot from the Scotland Neck shoot. No fingers were lost or animals injured during the shoot.

Scotland Neck 2

Off to Scotland Neck for more annual report images. We shot at the Sylvan-Heights Waterfowl Park. I now have 100's of images of every duck/water bird you can think of. Our subject Tony was great and open to any ideas. It was overcast, used a AB400 for some side light to help give the image some contrast.
Deja Vu- So I had this Deja Vu as we drove through downtown Scotland Neck. After the shoot, my assistant and I went to grab a bite to eat at this Italian restaurant. I could swear I've been here before ..... On the wall was a plaque from Our State Magazine and an image I'd shot back in 2005. I won't mention the name of the restaurant,but it's probably the only Italian restaurant in Scotland Neck. It took 1 1/2 hour to get lunch and the food wasn't that great. Deja Vu.

NCSU College of Management

Some out-takes from a shoot for the NCSU College of Management. A good time was had by all...........


Drove down to Wilmington for part of the annual report shoot. It was gray and raining when we left. Got lucky the sun came out. It was a weird quality of light, I think we were at the weather front,gray sky to one side and sunny the other. Used 1 AB800w with double diffusion for fill light.

Wilmington 2

Some random images from my day in Wilmington. It's been awhile since I've just run around with a camera and shot "street photography". It was refreshing and fun.


Some out-takes from the boardroom of executives.It seems like board members always hate to have photo's taken, I just try to keep it relaxed and fun.