Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bio Tour

Ran into the people from the biofuels tour The bus was parked a block away. Ran down and did afew quick shots. There are 7 people that live, work and travel around the country on the bus. It reminded me of Ken Kesey and the Electric Kool-aid acid test.

In Print

Some images in print from past shoots...

In Print

Some images in print from past shoots.

Obama in Raleigh

So, Obama was in Raleigh the other day. We decided to walk up to the rally. The irony of this was by the time we reached the end of the line we were in front of Peace College, were we shot the night before ...... 1 1/2 hours in line and everyone came by and said we'd make it in. Oh, NO ....... We made it to the security gate and they stopped the line when we were 2 back. To many people. The event reminded me of a Grateful Dead show, from years past. The Obama world tour with t-shirt, button,flag and towel vendors every few feet.

Back at Peace

Back at Peace for the building shot. We actually had the lights in the building on and the shades fixed. 4 mole's (I knocked one over and broke the bulb), Arri kit 2 650's and 2 300.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

secret location

some shots from the "secret location".

secret location 2

Up at 5AM for a day long shoot at a "secret location". This shoot had something for everyone interiors,exteriors,action,rural farms,high tech,headshots etc. I tried to strobe as much as I could but we had a crazy schedule. The weather was gray and over cast .........

welcome to my neighborhood

Still working on my series "welcome to my neighborhood". Thanks to the guy's at Capitol Barber on Hargett St. and James from Empire.

colored pencils

Some still life's of colored pencils.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Duke Raleigh

Some shots for Women's Edge Magazine at Duke Raleigh. Used AB 800/400 Outside for the group shot. Went with ambient light and a reflector inside for the people shots. We could of lit everything but didn't have the time.

Pic's at Peace

The main goal was photo's of the building with banners and people on the balcony, it was pouring rain so I shot from inside the an event tent. I was not pleased with the shots so went back the next night and shot. I'll be going back once we get a plan and all the lights in the building on ......... For the event photography SB-800 TTL, PW on an AB 800 bounced off roof of tent for fill, shot all manual, the f stop varied from f/5.6 to f/16 depending on where you were.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Some set up shots from Duke, lots of colored gels in the lab.
see below

Duke 2

Spent afew days at Duke, the getting up at 5:30 AM was a killer and went back for some night shots. I'd forgotten what a beautiful campus Duke is, you'd never know you were in the middle of NC., great gothic architecture. I felt really old with all the students around, my birthday was last week, 42 years old...... Got some great shots and a big thanks to Jennifer Sanford photo assistant extraordinaire.

World Beer Festival

World Beer Festival in Durham NC, with 18,000 of my closest friends for NC Signature Magazine. I arrived afew hours early and did some set up shots before the crowd arrived. Tronix 1200 and Profoto 600 pack, not really enough output on the 600 pack to balance the light next time I'll use the 1200 pack. I had no idea this festival was so big, next time I'm bringing a designated driver. I met people that have been coming to the festival for 11 years and most people were from out of state.

Phones are back

110 shots, clipped out and retouched in 3 days. I'm spending way to much time sitting in front of the computer.

5 weekends in a row .......

5 weekends in a row and I've got something this weekend ......... A shot for a tech company. Wow a pencil sketch, been a long time since I've seen one of those. Shot in the early AM, nice open shade, used an AB for a backlight/fill.

RBC Raleigh

Both my girls were sick last night and slept in bed with the wife. I slept on the couch, I have to walk across the room to hit snooze so I was up early. It was a beautiful morning with a full moon so I walked 2 blocks up the street to the Moore Square parking deck and did some shots of the new RBC building.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Crazy Day

After the medical exam and safety class, all I had was one camera,one lens and a tripod.

busy day 1 UNC

This was the start of my day. I came in at 6 AM to prep for a shoot for UNC, Begin Your Beyond. Shot 5 different people. Everything running on separate power packs, lowest setting @ 200ws dialed all the way down to get a shallow depth of field,shot @ f 4.5. The nails need alot of retouching.

busy day 2

This was the 2nd part of my day, I went out to 5 county stadium to shoot some editorial work for NC Signature Magazine. Profoto 1200 beauty dish and Tronix explorer battery pack.

Nationwide Bike fest

I don't usually do event coverage, but when Nationwide called I couldn't say no. I shoot @ 2 commercial jobs for them a year and a motorcycle rally has got to be fun. Shot alot of logo,branding and happy Nationwide people. Some of my personal out-takes .

Sparkcon 2008

My 3rd year covering Sparkcon, some out-takes from the fashion show.

headshots on blue

headshots on blue, 800ws-400ws on softboxes,backlight and background light with blue gel.