Monday, September 29, 2008

headshot set

This was my favorite headshot set of last week. The client (confidentiality agreement) wanted a "jill Greenbergish" type of lighting. The headshots turned out great. It took me @ 10 attempts with the self-timer to get this shot .......

CEO's, Board members and politicians

Seems to be that time of year, everyone is getting new headshots. Studio and location.


I was down in Saxaphaw shooting Benjamin Vineyards and Winery for an editorial piece. I arrived in the early AM, the fields were wet with dew, I had wet shoes and socks the rest of the day, next time I'll bring an extra pair. I walked into an electric fence about thigh high (Ouch!! Oh deer) Guess it was to keep the deer from getting to the grapes.

clinical trials

A super fast turn around for a clinical trials study. Shot on Monday and sent off to legal on Tuesday. A big thanks to the models Vince and Laura from Directions USA (next time we'll shoot your good side). Kinda funny how the shoot went down. I'd scouted the location at Moore Square on Friday and it looked like @ 2PM the light was right. My studio is a block away, so @ 1PM I loaded my car with gear and got a good spot at a parking meter. There were some people hanging out on the bench I'd found, if you know Moore Square you know what type of people. I paid them $25 to stay and guard my bench and it all worked out. Ended up only using only a 4x8 reflector and no lights.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Create Chaos contest

We'll almost a winner, 2 Silver Awards in the 2008 Create Awards Competition. I could of bought a new car with all the $$$ I've spent entering contest. I'd written this one off, but was surprised to get an email the other day. The first was in the Portrait Specific category; the second, in the Photo Illustration category. I do have 2 passes for Create Chaos Conference 2008, on October 13th-17th Orlando, FL (valued at $995). If you'd like to spring for a flight and hotel, I'll gladly part with one of the passes. This year's entries spanned the globe, and were judged by twenty leading professionals from eight creative industries. Only one in every five of the more than 1,500 entries received juror recognition.


Shot some stuff with The Splinter Group in Chapel Hill, for a kitchen design company. he color balance was all over the place, rainy overcast day,strobes,tungsten and fluorescent lights lots of work in post. Ended up using 7 heads all over the place. I'd really like a Sub Zero fridge, only $10K.

Monday, September 15, 2008

sushi pawn

I had a free day, Yea ! I've been driving up and down Wilmington St. alot lately, to the big box hardware store some days 3 times. There are about a dozen locations I've seen and had some ideas for shoots. Got a couple in, the set-up's are real quick and simple, main light and back light, Kind of a drive by shooting (no pun intended). I knew we'd get run off and that's what happened at Dragon City. Oh well anything for art.

pool and power

I wouldn't want to be the model in that pool, confidentiality agreement.

Friday, September 12, 2008

server room

Just hanging out in a very chilly server room, 5 heads and 2 packs very open lighting.

Womens Edge Magazine

Some shots for Womens Edge Magazine. A very overcast day with light rain, the photo's turned out better than I expected. Broke out the lense baby for afew shots. 3 locations and it kicked my butt.

Raleigh Wide Open

Raleigh Wide Open on Sat. night from the MLK Blvd. Bridge. The fireworks came up behind the tress, but thanks to Photoshop they are now over the city.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Raleigh Convention Center

So the Raleigh Convention Center opened last weekend. I have to say Wow ! I spent 5 years in Vegas working the Sands Expo and Las Vegas Convention centers, I think Raleigh has finally done something right. I ran around snapping photo's like crazy, I was impressed with the architecture, nice clean lines and space. I'm working on my website and @ dozen other .com's. Having worked the convention centers before I know there is alot of $$$ to be made, but I feel like I'm selling my soul. Check out the images bottom right for The Downtown Raleigh Alliance booth from last weeks post.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My feet hurt

Got out the new shoes yesterday and was on my feet all day, my feet are killing me today...... 2 locations, Siemens training facility, for some close-ups of doctor patient interaction and a lobby for the cover of a magazine (2 speedotron heads with soft-boxes 1200ws and 800ws, 2 Profoto with reflectors for backlight, blackcards to prevent flare.
A really good concept for the magazine, they bought the back for advertising. The cover, shot of the doctor's looking at the camera, back cover, shot of doctors backs with one looking around the group at camera. You know doctors always in a hurry. Got @ 40 shots off for the front cover, I know I got @ 7 usable images. Back cover maybe got off 10 shots and was still messing with the lighting when the doctors said time to go .......... Got to love Photoshop ........

Inter-faith food shuttle

Some shots from a story on the Inter-faith food shuttle. Shot Ann at the farmers market, AB 400 (reflector for boxes in truck/800 with umbrella for main) Profoto 1200 with the Tronix battery pack, back light.

Tin toys

A series on tin toys, 2 soft boxes 800 and 400ws.

Rotten fruit

Some random shots of Rotten fruit.

D3 and available light

I'm a big light production kinda guy, I had an assignment to shoot some portraits in a kitchen. I had all my lighting kits with me and the challenge was to shoot these portraits in a crazy working kitchen. I've had me D3 for awhile and have read about the high ISO low noise, but never really put it to a good test. It would of been difficult to light the whole kitchen, so I tired afew shots with the available light. Cranked up the ISO to 400/800 and shot at f/1.2. The files blew me away. I started with a D1x than D2x, at ISO 400 the files looked as good if not better than ISO 100 from the D2x. I'm seeing the world in a new light ........ I did the same thing the other day and shot all available light. Wow .........