Friday, September 5, 2008

My feet hurt

Got out the new shoes yesterday and was on my feet all day, my feet are killing me today...... 2 locations, Siemens training facility, for some close-ups of doctor patient interaction and a lobby for the cover of a magazine (2 speedotron heads with soft-boxes 1200ws and 800ws, 2 Profoto with reflectors for backlight, blackcards to prevent flare.
A really good concept for the magazine, they bought the back for advertising. The cover, shot of the doctor's looking at the camera, back cover, shot of doctors backs with one looking around the group at camera. You know doctors always in a hurry. Got @ 40 shots off for the front cover, I know I got @ 7 usable images. Back cover maybe got off 10 shots and was still messing with the lighting when the doctors said time to go .......... Got to love Photoshop ........

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