Monday, November 14, 2011

Raleigh NC Editorial photography- CFO Magazine

Oh deer, It was great to get a call the other day from CFO Magazine. I got to go up to Madison, NC to Remington Arms Company to photograph some of the Corporate Finance people. I was given a 30 min. window in which to photograph 2 people. Nothing fancy about the nondescript outside or inside of the the building, cubicle land. After grabbing a few props off the wall we headed outside to a field next door. I really like when Art Directors say do something different, there are to many boring financial portraits. The people at Remington were good sports and went along with the concept.
Tech-Spec's - Had to deal with peak-a-boo sunshine, these images are from the 2nd set-up. AB 800 and 400.

Raleigh Editorial photography

I ended up doing one of those grip and grin events at The Umstead Hotel. It was a swanky affair. There was something mesmerizing about the chef at the carving station.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Raleigh Editorial photography - Photographing Pitmaster Ed Mitchell

As part of the “Vegetarian BBQ tour” I was fortunate to photograph Pitmaster Ed Mitchell. Ed is one of the most humble, genuine and honest people I’ve ever met. We met at Ed’s old restaurant in Wilson, N.C. The restaurant will soon be home to a new culinary school and museum. In the dining room there is a mural that wraps around the wall, it’s a story of Ed’s chilhood life, and was painted by an autistic employee. Ed has a secret ingredient he put into everything he cooks. I know it sounds corny, but it’s love.
It was fascinating to hear Ed’s stories of his rise to fame, being named a Pitmaster, having Iron Chef Bobby Flay challenge him to a throwdown and winning. hanging out with Anthony Bourdain at his pig table. If you run into Ed, say hello and be prepared to listen and be entertained. Look for big things coming from Pitmaster Ed Mitchell.

Tech Spec’s. - We showed up at the restaurant with the usual location kit, Profoto 600/1200 packs and 6 heads. Guess what ? No power. I was fortunate I’d thrown the AB vagabond, 400/800 heads in the car. Always be prepared. For the shots in the kitchen we opened the doors to let some light in and dragged the shutter @ 1/8.