Friday, January 30, 2009

Go Steelers

I might have to pop the top of my 1976 Steelers Super Bowl Champs Iron City can as I enjoy the game this weekend.

I'm so depressed .........

I'm so depressed ......... In this day of doom and gloom the one thing going strong is the pharmaceutical industry. A shoot for Major Depressive Disorder. Final image will be dropped into a stock shot of a crowded street. Crazy lighting set-up to match the stock shot. Might have to bust out the ceiling one day, almost ran out of room. Big thanks to Karen from Directions USA hard to get a good depressed look when everyone is cutting up. As always big thanks to Angie stylist extraordinaire Face Artistry

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 days 2 Legends Bill Clinton

I stumbled into this from a friend I've known since JR. High, William Beaty over at Beaty Creative. Not quite as cool as hanging with the White House Press and secret service when Bush was in town ( B&W photo's below). Alot of fun. Clinton can light up a room and turn on the charm, he has a larger than life presence. He was like a machine. I'm sure he dose these fund raisers all the time. For $4600 you get a photo with Bill , lunch and a speech. You can see the shoulder of the secret service agent on the left, I might of been alittle aggressive about having my photo taken with Bill. I had to do it, my mom can't stand the man and this will make a great Christmas card for next year.

2 days 2 Legends Jim Erickson

The Pro bono Gods call once again. It's that time of year for the Triangle Addy's (Southern Fried Advertising) with AIGA Raleigh and the AAF-RDU. I always have a hard time saying no. I was a real honor this year one of the judges was Jim Erickson . If you don't know who he is just look at the back cover of any CA. I'd met Jim about 13 years ago when he had a FAT studio in Raleigh, I'd moved back from Vegas and was looking for assistant work. Needless to say I never heard back after I'd shown my book. I've followed his career for years and am inspired by his work. There were so many question I wanted to ask but never had the chance. The judges were swapped. There was a great list of talent for judging, saw some great reels and great stories from Matt Checkowski,Carole Hurst,David Crawford and Dave Smith.

ice ice baby

The snow melted and I still had that chilly feeling. Don't know why but I got my fake ice cubes out. I had a vision of high contrast and really crunchy blacks. No matter what I tried I couldn't get it. I ended up doing some sloppy light painting (No hose Master just a Mag light ). Ended up shooting some random objects lying around the studio. Think it will make a nice series. Had some peg board left over from a shoot for Duke and tried few things.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random snow shots

Some Random snow shots from around downtown.


Snow !!! This was the first good snow in almost 5 years. I got to play hooky from work and it was a blast. My girls age 4 and 6 had never played in snow before. We are all thawed out and life is back to normal after 2 days of no school.

Cement Plant

I pass by a cement plant on my way into work everyday. I was coming in early the other morning and it was very foggy so I stopped to snap some shots. The fog didn't really show up ........

Friday, January 16, 2009

out in the field literally

We were trying to match some existing photography, the original images were shot on an overcast day. Today was bright and sunny and cold ...... Outside from 8AM to 3PM. Got some great shots and some fun life style type images.

television constipation

Did some shots for a television constipation add. All be put together in After Effects.

Inner Peace with Ray

Shot some stuff for a book on Inner Peace. There are 30 people all over the world for this project. Dr. Ray Blanchard happened to be in my area. From what I understand, his view on Inner Peace can only be achieved when you are dead. That's why we ended up in the graveyard.

Eugine stops by

My neighborhood buddy Eugine stopped by, he just got out of prison. He was upset because they let him out on the coldest day of the year, he said he might commit a minor infraction to get back in, he doesn't like staying in the homeless shelter. He had a pretty big bump on his head, said the cops did it.

tennis anyone ?

Some quickie shot for a local client. Had to break out the Profoto ring-flash.

Oral History

Up at UNC for an editorial assignment on the Southern Oral History program.

Wake Rad

Back out at Wake Radiology trying to finish up some shots. I can really make a headshot set-up fit anywhere .......

cardinal club

I was up at the cardinal club the other night shooting some grip and grin stuff for Merrill Lynch or is it Wells Fargo ? Great view of the downtown out the window.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Post it Notes on Hold

My Post it Note project is on hold. Back to the grind after the holidays, I'm booked the next 7 days in a row. All different shoots and clients. Getting gear together and packing. I hope this is a sign of what 2009 will be like.

No time for TIME Photoserve

So I get one of those calls photographers dream about the other day. Not National Geographic but TIME Magazine. They want me to go down to Fort Bragg and shoot some photo's for a story. I was double booked that day and no way I could've made it. I am so bummed. I'd updated my Photoserve Portfolio at the start of the New year with environmental people images, that's were the photo editor found me. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep.

875 Post it Notes

Working on some personal projects over the holidays. Why Post it Notes ? Who knows..... but I had alot of them lying around the studio. It took almost 2 hours to cover the wall.

Drive by

Some buildings I drive by everyday, I finally got out of the car and snapped some shots. I don't think they'll be standing much longer.

Alien Skin

Hooked up with the guy's down the street at Alien Skin (thanks Jim). I'm going to test drive some software and hopefully become a Beta tester. I'll post some files when I get a chance.

Business Leader Eran Salu

Yea ...... The check has finally arrived. It's been over a year since I shot the 2 jobs for Business Leader and Triangle Realestate. Its been a learning experience on how people behave and the court system works. I hope I never have to go through this again. It was always more about the principal than the money but it's nice to get paid.