Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 days 2 Legends Jim Erickson

The Pro bono Gods call once again. It's that time of year for the Triangle Addy's (Southern Fried Advertising) with AIGA Raleigh and the AAF-RDU. I always have a hard time saying no. I was a real honor this year one of the judges was Jim Erickson . If you don't know who he is just look at the back cover of any CA. I'd met Jim about 13 years ago when he had a FAT studio in Raleigh, I'd moved back from Vegas and was looking for assistant work. Needless to say I never heard back after I'd shown my book. I've followed his career for years and am inspired by his work. There were so many question I wanted to ask but never had the chance. The judges were swapped. There was a great list of talent for judging, saw some great reels and great stories from Matt Checkowski,Carole Hurst,David Crawford and Dave Smith.

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