Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 days 2 Legends Bill Clinton

I stumbled into this from a friend I've known since JR. High, William Beaty over at Beaty Creative. Not quite as cool as hanging with the White House Press and secret service when Bush was in town ( B&W photo's below). Alot of fun. Clinton can light up a room and turn on the charm, he has a larger than life presence. He was like a machine. I'm sure he dose these fund raisers all the time. For $4600 you get a photo with Bill , lunch and a speech. You can see the shoulder of the secret service agent on the left, I might of been alittle aggressive about having my photo taken with Bill. I had to do it, my mom can't stand the man and this will make a great Christmas card for next year.

4 comments: said...

That's really cool. He looks like a paper cutout in the shot with you on the upper left.

SRG said...

wow, very cool Bryan!!
- Shannon

Brian McDonald said...
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Brian McDonald said...

Hey I did not know that you and William Beaty went to the same school. I knew him from NC State and caught up with him a few years ago doing some alumni work.

I still have the magazine that you shot for me and wanted to stop by and see you. Where are you located at now?

Good work!