Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Builders Mutual comp

A quick comp from client .......... from the shoot .........

Friday, January 25, 2008


Had to post a layout, the agency I'm using is on AOL and my images don't go through ........

plein air painter

Some editorial shots for a magazine of Brenda Behr a plein air painter (if you don't know what that is look it up on wikipedia, like I had to do).

Cancer Survivor 2

Second shoot of cancer survivor showing an active lifestyle,softbox,grid and background light.

Home repair

Some shots for a home repair company.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cancer Survivor

First of a series of cancer survivors, promoting a healthy active lifestyle. Lot's of empty space for type in the image. Open happy soft-light balanced for the ambient of the outdoors, side light to give some separation from the background.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cooleemee ABC

You have to love a place were the town hall and Liquor Store share the same building .

Twilight Zone in Cooleemee

Yes, Cooleemee is a real town in the middle of nowhere NC., an old mill town founded by the Dukes in the late 1800's. This was like something out of the Twilight zone or that David Lynch series ........ what was it ..... Twin Peaks. We started at the Cooleemee
town museum (this was more like someone's home with the dining room as the museum). We walked in the door and no one was home ... There was loud music coming from one room with the door closed. So we went down a hall and there was an office with an old lady talking on the phone. She was about 70 and chain smoking away. She saw we were there and just kept turning away and ignoring us. I'm sure the Cooleemeetown museum doesn't get many visitors and I can see why. It was just the oddest thing.. So we knock on the door where the music is coming from and it's the town historian, the husband of the chain smoking woman. A very nice man with lots of input and ideas. We decide to shoot at the old textile mill. The mill is now owned by 2 different companies and we are told we can't shoot on the sunny side because of motion sensor alarms and could go to jail for trespassing. It worked out in the end. Got some great shots at the loading dock with the Tronix 1200/Profoto and Alien Bee's (product placement).Cooleemee NC what a strange place ....

Cooleemee 2

Down by the river for some more shots in Cooleeme. Fill light and a back light for some separation.

21 phones 63 shots

21 phones 63 shots, retouched and clipped out in 3 days...... Can't say who or what they are for, had to sign a NDA, look no logo's. This stuff can drive some people crazy but I love it. I just get in a zone...

In the Amazon

Went down to the Amazon for a quick shoot, just kidding.... Snuck back into the children's museum and saw me an alligator....

Annual Report Rocky Mount

Off to Rocky Mount for more annual report. I'll bore you with some history of where we shot. This was the old British Imperial Tobacco plant and is mostly renovated into a children's museum. Got rained on for the 1st outdoor shoot only got @ 20 frames off. I pack the whole kitchen sink when I go on location, I'm sure my assistants hate it. Most of my images are 2 or 3 lights. We shot in the lobby and it was a dark cave. I think we ended up with 8 or 9 heads Speedotron/Profoto/Alien Bee (product placement) for the lobby shot.

Merrill Lynch

So I've been working with my local Merrill Lynch office for about 5 years, every year they have a stake holder meeting. They only have @ 100 clients, I think you need around 500K for them to even talk to you. You'd think a bunch of rich people would be alittle snooty and boring WRONG. It's alot of fun and some great characters. This is kinda cheesy but in a cool way, they have digital photo frames around the office that run images of their clients, it represents who and why they work so hard. I was in the corner 3 lights Profoto 1200 (product placement) set-up, main fill and grid on back ground.

Oops.... some images from New Bern

See below ........

Annual Report Starts New Bern

So I'm booked for 15 days for an Annual Report across the state of NC. The days are spread out so I'm trying to fill the gaps with small jobs here and there. The Annual Report is the coolest thing I've done in awhile, it's very concept drive. It will include art work panels that were commissioned and real life people in their environment. Also included will be some snap shot type images of the town. The first one was in New Bern ( sorry no production shots ). Time to break out the Tronix Explorer 1200 (Product placement). I ran a Profoto 1200 (Product placement) with 2 heads umbrella and a beauty dish with a grid. The recycle time was alittle slow, but I had a great model.The images need to have some contrast, they will be run in B&W so I'll use umbrella's instead of softboxes.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Sale

You got to love all the sales after Christmas. I started with 1 hot light (bottom 2 images) , but the ornaments were begging to be shot with softboxes. Split 400 watts to keep the shallow depth of field.

Valentines Day

Had some old candy hearts around the studio from last year, and they tasted like crap. What to do .... take some photos ..... Alittle hot glue to hold them together, a piece of milk white plexiglass , blue gel, and some black cinefoil with a quarter sized hole, 2 lights and you got your shot.

Welcome to LA

It must be hard to be a star in LA .............