Thursday, January 17, 2008

Twilight Zone in Cooleemee

Yes, Cooleemee is a real town in the middle of nowhere NC., an old mill town founded by the Dukes in the late 1800's. This was like something out of the Twilight zone or that David Lynch series ........ what was it ..... Twin Peaks. We started at the Cooleemee
town museum (this was more like someone's home with the dining room as the museum). We walked in the door and no one was home ... There was loud music coming from one room with the door closed. So we went down a hall and there was an office with an old lady talking on the phone. She was about 70 and chain smoking away. She saw we were there and just kept turning away and ignoring us. I'm sure the Cooleemeetown museum doesn't get many visitors and I can see why. It was just the oddest thing.. So we knock on the door where the music is coming from and it's the town historian, the husband of the chain smoking woman. A very nice man with lots of input and ideas. We decide to shoot at the old textile mill. The mill is now owned by 2 different companies and we are told we can't shoot on the sunny side because of motion sensor alarms and could go to jail for trespassing. It worked out in the end. Got some great shots at the loading dock with the Tronix 1200/Profoto and Alien Bee's (product placement).Cooleemee NC what a strange place ....

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