Thursday, January 17, 2008

Annual Report Starts New Bern

So I'm booked for 15 days for an Annual Report across the state of NC. The days are spread out so I'm trying to fill the gaps with small jobs here and there. The Annual Report is the coolest thing I've done in awhile, it's very concept drive. It will include art work panels that were commissioned and real life people in their environment. Also included will be some snap shot type images of the town. The first one was in New Bern ( sorry no production shots ). Time to break out the Tronix Explorer 1200 (Product placement). I ran a Profoto 1200 (Product placement) with 2 heads umbrella and a beauty dish with a grid. The recycle time was alittle slow, but I had a great model.The images need to have some contrast, they will be run in B&W so I'll use umbrella's instead of softboxes.

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