Monday, September 17, 2007

burning disk and stuff

Had a job cancel today, Rush job of 7 bankers on white background dropped out and retouched. We agreed on $1500 and they came back and said how about $250. No thanks ......... Had a client that wants back up copies of all there disk. 16 DVD to pull and burn ( that's even more than $250) not to metion all the stuff I shot over the weekend. Inbetween disk I re-shot my acorn and a gyroscope f/8 1/2 sec letting the tungsten light burn in and go warm.

Friday, September 14, 2007

offices and plant

Location work showing the variety of service this company offers. Did @ 15 shots in one day running all over the place with different lighting set-up's. Did I mention they had a fire at the plant while we were shooting ............

fire and gun safety

More images for NCDOI. Out-takes from fire and gun safety shoot, shot on location.


Going to my car the other morning this acorn fell and hit me on the head. Hmm... I have an idea...... I drilled a small hole in the back of the acorn and hot glued some armature wire in the back and suspended it in the air. Daylight balanced with tungsten light,softbox camera right, arri 350 with warming gels on background and the kiss of a flashlight for backlight 3sec. f/8.

more kits

sketch N shoot

I went to sketch N shoot night at the Electric Blender in Durham
They have a sketch N shoot night every Friday from 8-10PM. There are 4-5 models nd 4-5 set around the place. I didn't know what to expect so I took the trusty Profoto light kit. I was limited to where and what I could shoot because of the outlets and light stands. There wher about 20 other photographer there. One guy had an Alien Bee ringflash and Zeuse Pack everyone elese was shooting available light. To be honest I liked my available light images better than the strobes. The available light photographers where running around like crazy snapping images. I had to shoot at ISO 400 1/125 at f 2.8 (my fastest lense). I hate to shoot over ISO 400 because of noise, not sure what other people where shooting. I've seen some images from other photographer posted and they looked great.

sketch N shoot 3

sketch N shoot 3

sketch N shoot 2

sketch N shoot 2

sketch N shoot 1

sketch N shoot 1

sketch N shoot night misc.

Some random shots from sketch N shoot.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

John Deere

Shot some corporate stuff at John Deere. As I was leaving I thought the front of the building looked really nice, so I went out and layed down in the grass and got this shot.


Got a rough comp from a shoot I did awhile back. I took the dentist name off and won't mention the agency. They took over 100 days to pay........... The final images are very different from the original concept.

time clocks

spent the day shooting time clocks and cards. I finally got to use my new hazy light .......

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

RBC onelight magic

Had a shoot for a magazine today, a feature on the CEO of RBC. They wanted to feature the new building in downtown Raleigh. They ran about an hour late and the sun had shifted. We shot in the shade of a building across the street in the road dodgeing traffic and waiting for the light to turn green. No place for a backlight so one umbrella to camera left.