Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh Pickles ............

Wow, the fastest turn around ever ...... I started @ 9AM, hot glue and some fancy styling of packaging, uploaded the files, dropped into the layout and approved at 2:09 PM. Talk about a rush job.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Print

Some stuff that made it to print .....


Cranking through product shots, lots of white/black cards and screens ..........

Very Tiny Spaces

I thought I've shot in some small space before, but this one is the winner. Notice how nice and neat I stacked the chairs around the room. I ended up shooting through the open door. Really into the double back-light these days. I did get to meet Godfrey Cheshire film critic and director.

Random snap shots of the week

Time to Party

Did some event coverage for a client. Good people, good food and good wine.

American Hellriders

Back at the NC state fair to check put the American Hellriders and the wall of death. Brought back some good childhood memories, I was @ 7 years old last time I saw them.

Nature's Oddities

How can one not go to the NC state fair and check out Nature's Oddities ...........

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cube-land or Zombieville

Had a good time shooting the other day in "Cube-land" ( confidentiality agreement ). You would think it would be a stiff crew but I learned all about zombies and how to prepare my house for the invasion. Thanks guy's .........

Great Outdoor Provision Co.

Some shots for Great Outdoor Provision Co. Ended up doing a bunch of lay downs. Some nice sportswear groupings.

Oscar stops by

One of my "homeless" people stopped by the other day looking for odd jobs. I let him clean the windows even though they didn't need it. I snapped off afew shots. I had a overhead back light that was just to much when he took his hat off.

Hanging at the studio

Some "flat" looking headshots ( check out the Wonderful Machine T-shirt ) and a quick jewelry set up with hot lights.

raleigh stock photography

Had a request from my raleigh stock photography site for some new skyline shots. Looks like @ 7:45 PM. Sorry about the logo .........

Random weekly snapshots

Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome To Facebook

I'm embracing the power of "Social Media," please welcome me to your community.........

NC State Fair

I always try to go to the NC State Fair the day before it opens and do some photos. This year I went 2 days before it opened due to the weather. Not as busy, but got a few good shots of some people. AB 800, AB400.

Everyday is Friday

It was an honor to photograph William Friday for a new publication coming out through-out NC. Haven't gone to press sorry for the crazy crop, I've been slack shooting set-up shots .............

Memorial Auditorium

I'd gotten a stock request from my Raleighstockphotography site. Looking for some shots of Memorial Auditorium, they were happy with the ones on the site, but I knew I could do better. It a tough building to shoot, never gets any front sun. The "magic moment " this time of year is @ 6:45 AM. I'm happy with these shots.

Random snap shots of the week

Thought I'd start posting a new series.......... Random snap shots of the week .......

Wheelie King Begins

Started shooting some B roll for my Wheelie King project. Microphone should be here next week and the rain will stop.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Print TIME Magazine

Shot down in Dillion SC at JV Martin Middle School. The article was about Sagus International whom donated $250,000.00 worth of furniture to the school.

TIME Magazine out-takes

Inside shots available light, tried to get fancy outdoors .............

Back in the day Old Scans

Cleaning up and came across an old disk with some scans on it. Do people still shoot film ?

Direct mail

Shot from the Speedway series going out for direct mail 2000 pieces going out with the help of Adbase. I've tried a lot of of printing places and find Vista Print works well for my needs. I always search for coupons on the web, and take advantage of the 10 min. offer after I place my order.

GoodBye Set's

Last shots in the blue corner and post-it notes.
corner set up
strobist info - AB 400 w/30° backlight
Profoto Beauty dish 20° grid front
2 profoto 30° on floor
2 1K Mole's deep blue gels on each

Felt like a rock star

Just a follow up post to the U2 concert. What dose this have to do with photography ........ read on. I guess we were some of the lucky ones that made it into the show, I've heard on the news some people didn't make it in due to the traffic. The corporate box rocked. I've been a Nikon shooter all my life, no way to get the D3 into the show so I took the cool pix. I was really disappointed by the amount of noise and quality of the images even in manual mode. The auto-focus was very buggy in low light. Think I'm going to get a Cannon G10.

Friday, October 2, 2009

U2 Raleigh

Kind of a non-day at the studio, gearing up for the U2 concert. Get to hang and see how the other half lives. I've seen 3 shows at Carter Finley, The Who's 3rd farewell tour, The Rolling Stones 4th farewell tour and Pink Floyd. My seats have always been as far from the stage as possible. Not this time .....Stocking up for the show in a corporate box. Lots of Beer and booze and catered food. I felt like such an elitist, perched in the box. It should be a good time and a good show. I miss the days of hiding airplane bottles in my socks and hanging out with the common crowd.

CPA for the day

Got to be a CPA for the day. Lots of shots around the office.

Good Bye Corner Set

Said Goodbye to the chair and string corner set. I was really tired of looking at it. Time for something new and exciting.

head shots

Some head shots. If you know the world of local Raleigh advertising you might recognize a few of these people.


forks on white

just messing around ...... hard light, forks and water color paper ......

Raleigh Skyline

Driving down MLK the other day and the Raleigh Skyline looked really nice. Another addition to Raleigh Stock Photography
Sorry for the big logo, it's amazing where these images can turn up.