Monday, July 30, 2007

Russell bike in Park

What are the odds of finding 2 people with crazy bikes in the same area ? I stopped and shot Rodney Hines the ( No Hand King ) afew months ago. I'd seen Russell ( Wild thing ) on his bike riding around downtown for about 2 years. His bike is more like a motorcycle, it weighs a ton. He has a CD player mounted between his handlebars and big speakers on each side and some type of battery power source. I met Russell at the Raleigh Wide Open event and asked him if he'd stop by the studio and do some photo's. He was so gung-ho about the whole experience. What a great guy he's 65 years young and is retired from the railroad and live in the Sir Walter. If your ever downtown on Fayetteville Street I'm sure you'll hear his Jazz music before you see him.

Russell bike in studio

See above post .........

Raleigh Marriott

Got a call from the company that provides artwork for the Marriott Hotels. They are looking for abstract images of the city of Raleigh to go into the 225 rooms in the new downtown Marriott. I have @ 2500 images on file so I'm slowly trying to pull and email files.


An ad for the Jim Hunt Institute, with CapStrat.


Shot an assignment for OurState Magazine on textile artist Sharron Parker. She lives and has a studio at the River Mill out by Falls Lake.

fall damn

I'd never been to falls damn before, I was shooting at the River Mill across the street and decided to stop by and check it out,

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lightbulb image



Inspired by the Sprint flashlight commercial. 20 sec. f 5.6 with a Maglight and a hole poked in cinefoil, SunPack 522 with blue gel popped on background. If you haven't seen the behind the scenes of the Sprint ad check it out at ....

Wine 1 Christmas in July

Only 5 months till Christmas, I'm already in the holiday spirit .....

wine 2

Catalog, what can you say ...... Had over 50 shots, the holiday season is just around the corner. Funny, I just get in this zone when doing catalog work. I shoot for about 2 hours and tear the studio up, cards and mirriors and riggs everywhere it's a total disaster. I have to stop and clean for 1/2 hour and the process starts all over again.

Toy House

Cleaning up the prop room and came across some toy houses and shot some stock.

A more exciting lawyer

Shot for the cover Business Leader Magazine in downtown Raleigh. Alien Bee 800 camera left 1/2 diffusion on reflector, AB 400 reflector backlight on right, Vagabond Nikon 10.5 mm. Much better than a lawyer at a desk ...........


A profile on a lawfirm. What's more exciting than a lawyer at a desk.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

late night fun 2

see post below .......

late night fun

The other week the wife and kids were out of town. I love shooting at dusk and just don't have the time when the kids are around. I tracked down some models and we headed out to the cheesy motel down the street. Thank god there was a cop sitting across the street, it's not the safest place. I ened up with an Alien Bee 800w with diffusuion camera left,400w AB as background light and ran around with my SunPack 522 w/4 pops during the 8'sec. exposure.


Did some work with a model, this was my poor attempt at a Jill Greenberg lighting set-up ......

Grandfathers old tools

My dad gave me some of my grandfathers old tools. He was getting ready to throw them out, what was he thinking ...... I ended up shooting 10 different set-ups. Think I'll do some prints for my dad.

Wake Rad

Another late night shoot of doctors for Wake Radiology at North Ridge Country Club. They have a staff meeting once a month at the club. Images will be stripped out and dropped into different backgrounds. I thought this guy was a real character. 2 Speedotron heads with soft-boxes left and right,back light and a background light.

Bikes and Babes

OK not my finest work, but someone has to shoot it. I was playing catch-up form last week editing some files and got a call at 2PM from Big Tex, can you shoot some girls in front of the bar at the club at 3PM ( Big Tex- a very big guy, pushing 400lbs and a fixture in the entertainment scene. Owns a couple clubs and record lables, bought a $43K 4XXL full lenght Sable coat, always has a money clip the size of Texas and pays in cash). Tired of editing and not being social all day I say sure. I show up at the club @ 8 blocks away, and it turns out there will be 6 girls and 3 motorcycles..... Last time I shot there it was all available light. I only brought a small kit Profoto 1200 and 3 heads. I had the beauty dish in the center and reflectors on the side, copy light set-up.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Worst shoot ever ? Reflux

Could be the worst shoot ever. Got a call @ 6pm Tue. as I was walking out the door. The art director said we're shooting the TV and the kid is going out of town for aweek this weekend, can you shoot the stills this week ? I'm slammed all week and the only time is Thur. @ 3PM. We decide to shoot at my house in one of my childrens bedrooms. The model (Mom and Dad) show up 1/2 late with wardrobe and an iron. You mean we also need the shoes form the TV spot ? So dad runs home to get them and shows up an hour later. The kid is tired and cranky and will not listen to me,art director or mom and dad. Shot @ 200 images and might of gotten 1 ............

hanging out at Cree

Some images for a tradeshow company. Shot on location at Cree and their warehouse. The Cree both was really big,but had lots of light and some ambient coming through the windows. Just added some fill lights 5 heads around the booth and another shooting through the white background.

A gel fest

Back at DocuSource for one more shot with colored gels. There were a total of 9 heads, 2 softboxes,2 back lights for subjects and 5 heads with gels from different angles. Lots of stuff to move around and no assistant that day.

4 into 14 always be prepared

Always be prepared. A simple shot of 4 people turns into 14 people in a very small office ...........

Moissanite Charles & Colvard

Had a shoot at Charles & Colvard, the people that make moissanite Jewelry. It was pretty cool to see how the process works. I shot one of the owners and some quick product shots. I had a small piece of white plexi-glass with me and shot some blue light through it.