Monday, July 30, 2007

Russell bike in Park

What are the odds of finding 2 people with crazy bikes in the same area ? I stopped and shot Rodney Hines the ( No Hand King ) afew months ago. I'd seen Russell ( Wild thing ) on his bike riding around downtown for about 2 years. His bike is more like a motorcycle, it weighs a ton. He has a CD player mounted between his handlebars and big speakers on each side and some type of battery power source. I met Russell at the Raleigh Wide Open event and asked him if he'd stop by the studio and do some photo's. He was so gung-ho about the whole experience. What a great guy he's 65 years young and is retired from the railroad and live in the Sir Walter. If your ever downtown on Fayetteville Street I'm sure you'll hear his Jazz music before you see him.

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