Sunday, July 15, 2007

Worst shoot ever ? Reflux

Could be the worst shoot ever. Got a call @ 6pm Tue. as I was walking out the door. The art director said we're shooting the TV and the kid is going out of town for aweek this weekend, can you shoot the stills this week ? I'm slammed all week and the only time is Thur. @ 3PM. We decide to shoot at my house in one of my childrens bedrooms. The model (Mom and Dad) show up 1/2 late with wardrobe and an iron. You mean we also need the shoes form the TV spot ? So dad runs home to get them and shows up an hour later. The kid is tired and cranky and will not listen to me,art director or mom and dad. Shot @ 200 images and might of gotten 1 ............

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