Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bikes and Babes

OK not my finest work, but someone has to shoot it. I was playing catch-up form last week editing some files and got a call at 2PM from Big Tex, can you shoot some girls in front of the bar at the club at 3PM ( Big Tex- a very big guy, pushing 400lbs and a fixture in the entertainment scene. Owns a couple clubs and record lables, bought a $43K 4XXL full lenght Sable coat, always has a money clip the size of Texas and pays in cash). Tired of editing and not being social all day I say sure. I show up at the club @ 8 blocks away, and it turns out there will be 6 girls and 3 motorcycles..... Last time I shot there it was all available light. I only brought a small kit Profoto 1200 and 3 heads. I had the beauty dish in the center and reflectors on the side, copy light set-up.

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