Friday, April 30, 2010

The Circus is in town

I thought I was in ...... I really wanted to shoot some behind the scenes portraits of the people that travel with the circus. I'd gotten approval from the local contact from The Cole Brothers Circus. I had a photo pass in my hands, he said he'd better call corporate just to make sure it was OK. Well it was not OK, no pass no circus ..... I went back on Sunday night @ 8:15, when the magic light happens, the tent was down @ 8:30. I'll have to wait till next year.

War of the Worlds

Like a moth to a flame, just something about this water tower that keeps me coming back.

Breaking the Law

Creating an image archive for a law firm @ 2000 images and 20 gigs ..........

Random set shots

Some set up and test shots from a shoot.

Schools out

Finished up a project for the NCSU MBA program. Lots of fun images.


Some shots from the new NCMA. It was a clandestine operation before the museum opened. Yes, security officers can be bribed. If you haven't been yet be sure to check it out.

The Lawn mower man

The Lawn mower man stops by every Friday at the studio to cut my grass. I had a set-up and snapped a few images.

Russell Lee

A sad day for all, photo that ran in the N&O.

misc. snapshots 042910

Friday, April 16, 2010

Speedway Book

It took over a year to get my speedway images together for a book. 86 pages of small track racing and people from across NC. I really hate NASCAR but the new race season has started and I think I'll continue working on this project. Also gearing up for the rodeo .......


Working on an image library and some key shots for NCSU MBA program. This is the 3rd different agency I've worked on this project for ? About 10 years ago I did an estimate for XXXXXX and they said they loved my work and wanted to work with me, but my estimate was to low and could I do it for double the price. Must of been close to the end of the fiscal year. I wish all my client's were like this.

Beating Breast Cancer

Up and down the ladder again, my calfs still hurt. A fun shoot for a good cause.

A medical thing ........

Up and down the ladder .....confidentiality agreement .... got me an education.

Cancer Survivors

Part of a campaign on Cancer Survivors.

Neighborhood project

Some quick shots of my neighbors.

morning view

This series is getting ready to end. The sun is just coming up to early these days.

misc. snapshots 041610

I'm getting slack, I missed a week .........