Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CapStrat Website

A 3 day shoot for CapStrat for a new website. Everyone was great and a good time was had by all. I'll get the behind the scenes video together now that the site is live.

Beating Breast Cancer

Ended up with the old school light painting with some split diffusion.

ESPN Magazine Behind the Scenes Photo shoot

Fun stuff, just got it in the mail. Have to shoot some tear-sheets

The diapers that won't go away

The diapers that won't go away ..... A few stragglers left this week and it should be done.


Working on some video for GOP.

At the Club

One of those crazy long stories, where you don't get home till 2:30 AM ...........

St. Patty

Forgot to posy my St. Patty photo from the other week. One of my neighbors stopped by so I snapped off afew shots. Nobody looks good on a green background unless it's for St. Patty's Day.

misc. snapshot 032610

misc. snapshot 032610

Monday, March 22, 2010

E-Mail Promo

It amazes me, with the push of a button one can send out 5,000 emails ......
Woodwall series I've been working on.

Hanging with Joe

Got to hang out with the VP for some photo's, can't say much about it ........

Table top

Working on some table top stuff. Think I'll try something different with the boxing gloves .....

Random set shots

Just some random set shots from the week ......

AM series

Since Spring has sprung forward and the clocks have changed, the light is so beautiful when I get to the studio. I can't help but grab a camera and run outside.

A stash of goods .......

Had to clear a path for the HVAC people to the fuse box. Came across some old boxes and found a stash of stuff. Going to have to break out the film cameras, a few sheets of choice Type 55 Polaroid ( I love it so much I'm almost scared to shoot it ). My favorite camera of all time Nikon F3. It's built like a tank and just feels good in your hands. Notice the tape across the Nikon ? From my days of shooting ringside boxing in Vegas ......... long story on that one ..... Good times during the Tyson era.

misc. snap shots 031910

misc. snap shots 031910

Saturday, March 13, 2010


An editorial assignment, the most creative shoot of the week. Shot at Whole Foods. Have to wait till it goes to print befroe I can show any images.

An Education

Let's just say I got an education shooting this catalog ..... Oh by the way our garments will not be coming in blue, can you colorize them to brown ?

Hair cut with Anson

Got a hair cut this week and Anson was brave enough to pose for a few photo's. Thanks

Millionaire Mistress

Tiphani Montgomery stopped by for some photo's. Her story is really great, she started selling her book Millionaire Mistress in the parking lot in South East Raleigh and it made it to the Amazon top ten for awhile.

Neighborhood project

The warmer weather is bring the neighbors out. Gearing up for more of my Neighborhood project. Tim.

corporate grip and grin

I got a call from a corporate client and they need some grip and grin party photo's. I try to stay away from this type of thing, but they are a good client so I said yes. I actually had a great time, the people were fun.

misc. snap shots blog 31210

Friday, March 5, 2010

Diapers and Under pads

Studio lock down mode, shooting Diapers and Under pads. Seemed like it would never end. Still have a ton more shots to do.
Try steaming the wrinkles out of something that is plastic on one side and extra absorbent on the other .......

Drive by

Stuck in the studio all week and just had to take some photo's of something ...... Went out to lunch and just shot out of the car.

Pharma boxes

Did manage to sneak in some product shots, sorry for the "Top Secret"

Around the house

My neighbor across the street from my home trimmed his trees. I thought they looked kinda interesting. Some other random shots. Forgot how much I like shooting at night. Can't wait for the weather to turn warmer.

Misc. snap shots blog 03/05/10

Misc. snap shots blog 03/05/10