Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pharmaceutical 3D

This was pitch #3 by the agency, the client never picks #3. Well this time they did ..... I've shot some stuff for 3D before and it was a real precise under taking. A special platform/rail system on the tripod for the camera and all the movements. Today we were operating on the SWAG theory ( scientific wild ass guess ). We did have a chart from the printer with some measurements for focal length and distance. It's all about the "parallax" (my new favorite word). We did 3 different sets that day, shot with and without objects and the "parallax" of foreground and background objects. For the camera movement we had a wooden dowel from the center support of the tripod almost touching the floor with gaffer tape underneath and 1/2 inch increments. For each scene we shot -4,-3 1/2,-3,-2 1/2,-2,-1 1/2,-1,-1/2,0,+1/2,+1,+1,+1 1/2,+2,+2 1/2,+3,+3 1/2,+4. I really hope it works and I get a cool 3D poster.


Got a call from Nationwide to photograph a local family for a brochure. I usually come away feeling very confident from a shoot, this was the first time in awhile I felt so so ....... It was 95 degrees and the kids didn't want to be there. I do think there are afew good ones and the client was happy. Profoto beauty dish main light and AB800 back light.

Kids run amuck in the studio

OK, it really wasn't that bad. Some out takes for a product launch of Buckleyboo http://buckleyboo.com/. I'm no fortune teller but I think this is going to be big. If they sold stock in the company I'd be first in line. What's a Buckleyboo ? It's a stuffed toy with 5 different types of buckles on the front. I have 2 kids ages 4 and 5 and I know they'd go nuts for something like this. 2 large soft-boxes Speedotron heads main and fill and a 40˚ grid for a backlight.

multi-cart falling apart

My multi-cart is falling apart ...... I cruised around downtown Wake Forest with some equipment on my multi-cart ( 3 lightware cases , 1 Tenba case and a Versa Flex big stand bag ) and the rubber on the wheel came off. My wife calls me a cheap bastard, I like to think I'm thrifty. This is the mid level Multi-cart R6, I haven't put much wear and tear on it, so I'm alittle disappointed the rubber came off the wheel. If your looking for an equipment cart move up to the R8,10 or 12.

seeing how the other half lives

Some more shots from the small town article on Wake Forest. Got to see how the other half lives. A combination of Profoto and AB for kicker lights. Had a good time at Short'y , where Arnold Palmer use to eat hot dogs.

small towns Wake Forest 2

Some shots for an article on small towns, got to spend the day in Wake Forest bumming around. Meet some great people saw some cool places and got alittle history .

hanging at an agency

Some random shots at an agency for the website.

the connells

I checked out one of my favorite bands of all time the connells at downtown live the other night. I was being sneaky and got my camera in, no long glass ... oh well ..... Great show.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Some shots for a large pharmaceutical company. Shot in model home, prices starting in the low $300K, not part of my reality. It's always tough shooting stills and motion on the same day, but a big thanks to Mark and his crew for making my life alot easier. Set up some portraits upstairs in the bonus room, the flash was not a problem when filming was going on, but the beep from my Profoto 600 pack was ( there is not an on/off switch for the sound on this pack .... What's up with that,and the door had been taken off the bonus room ??? ). Guess I learned the hard way. The models were great out of DC and Atlanta. Everyone got great stuff and left happy.

metal sculptor

Assignment on Heartworks Studio, Mike Roig in Carrboro, NC., some really great pieces of art.
AB 400/800 old school Vagabond, back/side lights. Profoto Beauty dish with grid, Tronix 1200 battery pack, main light from left.


Shot a stack of rocks for a client, hot glue goes a long way in this balancing act. When we finished I tried to think of things to put on the rocks, small businessman,house,ball of yarn ........ Wasn't feeling very creative that day. I might have to come back to this one.....

games of chance

A series on games of chance ( thank you Dollar store ). Simple and clean with shallow depth of field, 60mm 2 softboxes shot @ f/4.5.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Got corn

Some group shots out in the middle of a corn field.

Carolina Roller Girls

Big thanks to the Carolina Roller Girls for helping me out. I drove by skate town the other day and had an idea for some shots. The Carolina Roller Girls were nice enough to help me out. Love the stars and stripes, updated my Photoserve portfolio on the 4th of July with one of the images http://www.photosource-enhanced.com/bin/Portfolios?launch=pdn-47730
Profoto Beauty dish tronix explorer 1200 with an AB 800.

Running around downtown

Running around downtown Raleigh, some shots for a magazine.


Not booked today so I'm running my portfolio around ....... I really like to show my book in person and talk with the creative team, but it seems as of late I just drop it off and pick it up.

studio books

Still life shot of some books in the studio. 2 softboxes .....


Shots of Madeline who went through the Immigration and Naturalization ceremony afew years ago. Profoto beauty dish main light and AB as backlight.


What's up with seagulls, every time I get around them I can't stop taking pictures. I was down in Southport working on the second part of an assignment on Immigration and Naturalization. I cranked off @ 300 shots of seagulls ? Even in the days of film I'd crank off 3/4 rolls of 35mm or 8/10 rolls of 2 1/4 film. Is it just me or do all photographers go crazy over seagulls ?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Charlie Two Shoes

Charlie Two Shoes, yes that's his real name. I know the 4th of July is right around the corner so I'm going to get all patriotic. This was an assignment on naturalization. Charlie Two Shoes was befriended by the Marines in China in 1945. He is also one of only 15 people made an honorary Marine. There is a book out about his life and struggles, just google him. It was an honor to be in his presence and made me realize all the things I take for granted. I broke out the Innovatronix Tronix Explorer 1200 ws and the Profoto 600 pack with beauty dish for main light and reflector for back light, sun was for fill.