Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pharmaceutical 3D

This was pitch #3 by the agency, the client never picks #3. Well this time they did ..... I've shot some stuff for 3D before and it was a real precise under taking. A special platform/rail system on the tripod for the camera and all the movements. Today we were operating on the SWAG theory ( scientific wild ass guess ). We did have a chart from the printer with some measurements for focal length and distance. It's all about the "parallax" (my new favorite word). We did 3 different sets that day, shot with and without objects and the "parallax" of foreground and background objects. For the camera movement we had a wooden dowel from the center support of the tripod almost touching the floor with gaffer tape underneath and 1/2 inch increments. For each scene we shot -4,-3 1/2,-3,-2 1/2,-2,-1 1/2,-1,-1/2,0,+1/2,+1,+1,+1 1/2,+2,+2 1/2,+3,+3 1/2,+4. I really hope it works and I get a cool 3D poster.

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