Monday, November 14, 2011

Raleigh NC Editorial photography- CFO Magazine

Oh deer, It was great to get a call the other day from CFO Magazine. I got to go up to Madison, NC to Remington Arms Company to photograph some of the Corporate Finance people. I was given a 30 min. window in which to photograph 2 people. Nothing fancy about the nondescript outside or inside of the the building, cubicle land. After grabbing a few props off the wall we headed outside to a field next door. I really like when Art Directors say do something different, there are to many boring financial portraits. The people at Remington were good sports and went along with the concept.
Tech-Spec's - Had to deal with peak-a-boo sunshine, these images are from the 2nd set-up. AB 800 and 400.

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Neha said...

Wow...these are for corporate finance people! They are real sport!