Friday, September 5, 2008

D3 and available light

I'm a big light production kinda guy, I had an assignment to shoot some portraits in a kitchen. I had all my lighting kits with me and the challenge was to shoot these portraits in a crazy working kitchen. I've had me D3 for awhile and have read about the high ISO low noise, but never really put it to a good test. It would of been difficult to light the whole kitchen, so I tired afew shots with the available light. Cranked up the ISO to 400/800 and shot at f/1.2. The files blew me away. I started with a D1x than D2x, at ISO 400 the files looked as good if not better than ISO 100 from the D2x. I'm seeing the world in a new light ........ I did the same thing the other day and shot all available light. Wow .........

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