Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rose Post

I was in Salisbury NC the other day to photograph Rose Post for NC Our State Magazine. I seem to be back on my hard light kick again. All were shot with a 22in Profoto Beauty dish with grid and either a standard reflector bounced for fill or small grid. I broke down and bought the tenba case for the beauty dish $185, ouch bend me over .... it was getting knocked around and abused. My case fetish continues, my camera bag has been a disaster for awhile, I got a lightware 1420 as a new camera bag about a month ago, but haven't made the transfer. To get back to Rose Post, it was one of those neat people assignments. A very charming woman. It was like stepping back in time with the decor of the home. I took twice as many photo's as I usually do she kept talking and telling these great stories. She asked me my name about 20 times during the shoot.

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Ryan said...

It's inspiring to see how you can make various kinds of lighting work in all different situations. I don't know if I would have tried a beauty dish in this situation, but you prove that it can work!

I've been following your shoots for several months and you're an inspiration to me and my own work. I love seeing your setups (why are photographers so enthralled with others' setups?) and it has often given me something else to think about in my own setups.

Thanks for your willingness to share your work.