Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One of those days .......

So it was one of those days ...... I've been holed-up shooting in the studio for almost a week products,products,products, and had a location shoot today. I was really looking forward to getting out. Did I mention my court case ? It's now going to the distric court and has turned into a copyright infringement and fraud case. More on that later. I got a shot list and spoke with the agency. I get a call yesterday saying the art director won't make the shoot and I'll deal with the in-house marketing guy. They email me the address and the road is spelled wrong, it's an "E" not an "O". That took 20 min. to figure out, thank you MapQuest. I arrive alittle before 9AM and nobody has a clue as to why I'm here. I call the in-house guy's number I've been given, it's his home number. About 9:45 he shows up, sorry our office moved. We drive to the new office, I just need a 3/4 exterior shot of this building. Here's direction to our other office 45 min away, see you there, Bye..... Half building is in sun, half in shade. Do you think if you were doing exterior shots of a building you'd look at the direction of the sun ? It'd be a good shot at 7AM. I shoot the building from the other side..... I drive to the other office, same thing 3/4 exterior shot of the building half in sun half in shade, never mind the full parking lot. Headshots, here's a space about 10 feet X 10 feet. No problem ... I split 400WS and still shot @ f/11. We need some new shots of the CT room, were behind schedule with patients, you have 10 min., Sorry you can't set up any lights .... Just another day ..... grabbed afew cool quick shots.

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