Tuesday, June 24, 2008

back up

So the other day I burned disk #1288. I've been burning 2 copies of each disk, I keep one at the studio and take the other one home. I've been getting worried about the data on the older disk, some are over 11 years old. I've decided to back up my back up on external hard drives. Man this is going to take forever. I can get @ 50 CD's and 20 DVD's done aday, if I'm not shooting. I feel pretty lucky, I've only lost 2 files and they were from older disk and really large Photoshop files @ 320 megs, I've got the flatten version. Just FYI my bad disk were Memorex and PNY.

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viridari said...

Those optical discs can't be trusted for more than a few years or so. They degrade pretty quickly.

Hard disks are a bit better but even still, figure on replacing your hard disks about every 5 years.