Friday, April 20, 2012

The Nature Research Center opens today

This evening The Nature Research Center opens at the NC Museum Of Natural Sciences. This morning I stopped by to do my “Morning view” and it got me thinking of all the other times I’ve stopped here.
For the past ...... Hmmmm... almost 3 years I’ve stopped and taken a photography on the way to my studio in the morning. I post this on my Facebook page under “Morning view”. I’m not quite sure why I started doing this. Maybe it was for some creative freedom, no art director or client telling me what to do, no photo editor telling me to shoot horizontals and verticals. Yes, I think it
was about having some creative freedom, to just shoot for the pure joy of shooting. Some days I shoot one image other days maybe a couple hundred. I’m excited in the morning when I get to the studio, like the old days, when you’d get your film from the lab and put it on the lightbox for the first time. My “Morning view” has taught me a lot about available light. If the light is right you can take a picture of anything and make it look great. I know people are calling it the Daily Planet, but it will always be the Death Star to me.

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