Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Raleigh Editorial photography Forbes Life

I was approached by a photo editor from Forbes Life, to photograph a story in Boca Raton FL., the only problem I was in the middle of North Carolina. It was a complicated shoot, people, architecture, stainless steel interiors and some table top images. It would of been great to fly but I had no idea what I would need, same for renting equipment out of Miami. I made the decision to drive, 13 hours each way. My assistant and I rented the largest SUV we could and loaded up, strobes, hotlights, seamless, blackout cloth and anything we thought we might need. We shot late afternoon one day and early morning the next, due to the light and then drove back. We mounted a GoPro on the front of the car for the drive there and back, going off every 30 sec. We ended up with over 3600 jpegs to put a timelapse sequence together.

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