Monday, August 18, 2014

Raleigh editorial photography Washington Post

Raleigh editorial photography The Washington Post
I got a call on Thur. from the photo editor of The Washington Post to photograph a pair of shoes worn by Karl Bushby, a man walking around the world. They said he would be in my area for the next 3 days, here’s his cell number. I was booked on Friday and had an 8 hour round trip picking up the kids from camp on Saturday, so that left Sunday for the shoot. I envisioned meeting Karl on the side of the road, setting up an 8 x 8 Scrim and drape it in black velvet making a little roadside studio. I woke up Sunday to severe thunderstorm warnings and 50 mph wind gust. I tracked Karl down at a Subway outside of Goldsboro NC. The rain was falling and the wind was howling, so my roadside studio idea wasn’t going to work. On the drive down I was trying to think of where can I shoot this ? I thought under a gas station, an awning or on the sidewalk of a strip mall that was covered. Fortunately the Goldsboro Fire Department was across the street. I ran over and explained who I was and what I
was doing. They were kind enought to let us use a corner of the fire station to set up a still life set.

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Russell Day said...

When I was a newspaper reporter photographer I went to the Fire Station for stories when there was otherwise no phone ringing or nothing known going on.
When you go to the City find the Fireman's Museum. It is on the SW side and a real important learning experience.
NYC firemen work everyday on a fire. That is something to keep in mind.