Monday, February 26, 2007


So this is the coolest thing I've done lately. I've shot boxing ringside at Caesars Palace back when Tyson ruled the ring, spent the day with the Stanley Cup, but this ranks up there as far as phot shoot go. I got to be part of the White House press pool when Bush visited Novozymes in Franklin County. I've worked with Novozymes in the past and they got me the gig. I was 1 of 6 local press people allowed to tag along. I had to be there 4 hours early and the security was incredible. They ran a background check on me the week before. The people in the Secret Service and Marines were really nice to deal with. It was alot of stand here, go over there, don't step over that line, don't point your camera in that direction, now move over here. I'm a Nikon shooter, but all the press pool photographers were shooting with Canon. If I did this type of photography everyday, I think I'd make the switch.
The press pool arrived in a helicopter that landed about 50 feet away , corn cobs and stalks were flying in the air. There was alot of running and jockeying for postion as Bush moved to different locations of the plant. At times I was about 5 feet from Bush. I will say Bush looked tired and old. My favorite shot of the day is the one with the black background. I shot this from the side, there was a support beam wrapped in black fabric that blocked the people in the panel to his left, and a Secret Service agent to my right, this was my best angle to shoot.

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