Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Who needs a permit to shoot

I was aked to photgraph Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue for a magazine. The concept was to have her in front of the capital in downtown Raleigh. The magazine editor didn't think about getting a permit. The day of the shoot I called the Capital Police and spoke to the chief (he gave me his name). He told me to call Facility Management, and the not very nice woman told me YES I needed a permit. I downloaded the form filled it out and was running up the street to drop it off, when I noticed it took 3 days to clear all the proper channels. I called the editor and she called beverly's PR person and we decide to wing it... I had scouted the location the day before and 5PM looked good, with the warm sunshine. I arrived at 4:30 and set-up. The editor arrived and so did the PR person. We called to have Beverly dropped off. As soon as her car pulled up a police officer came out and asked if we had a permit. I said no but I'd spoken to chief ________ and he said it was cool. I was already tested and Beverly stepped into place and was there for about 10min. We'd got the shot. I'm not sure what political party Beverly Perdue is in but she is really down to earth and a great person, so I'll vote for her.

The shoot- I used my Alien Bee Vagabon system ( I make fun of these lights all the time, they are plastic and cheap, the power ratio has alot of slop and the built in slave don't really work, but they have saved my ass a number of times)
Main light was @ 600WS with 1/2 CT warm from top left
Back/side light was @ 400WS from right
Both lights had reflectors Shot at f/11 @ 60sec. to bring in the ambient light.

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