Tuesday, November 6, 2007

flat lighting AGAIN

Here we go again ...... For the past 5 years I've covered the 2007 Women Extraordinaire, a cover shot and 10 portraits. It is truly hard to achieve an ultimate flat lighting ratio (Ha). Lets say the 2007 Women Extraordinaire are alittle on the older side and worried about wrinkles and double chins. I try to light them as flattering as possible. 2 soft-boxe split 800WS a touch of backlight and a background Split 400WS and tweak the ratio's. What do you do when your waiting for them, run around the giant conference room and take goofy sel-timer shots of yourself.


Adam Renault said...

Curious on how many clients ask for the flat lighting? Is this something due to experience that you offer or you do it anyway for clients, like the ones in the "flat lighting AGAIN" post?
Good tip for a newb none the less!

Bryan Regan said...

Seems like my clients are asking for it, flat copy lighting for headshots. No wrinkles and no drama. Most shots are used for PR releases or websites.

Anonymous said...

I have just entered the headshot arena and I'm not comfortable at all with it. I love artistic photography. Recently, an agent told an actor friend of mine, that in all the headshots that I took of him, the lighting was flat and he couldn't use them for that reason. My actor friend loved his photos, he looked great in them and there was no air brushing or photoshop effects to alter his looks.