Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will a 20' x 20' fit in the studio ?

Will a 20' x 20' fit in the studio ? It will with inches to spare. I have a shoot coming up and needed a big overhead. MY 6x6 and 8x8 are to small,I needed something really big. My Avenger 20' x 20' H2000M arrived yesterday and guess what ? No directions in the box and no PDF online . How do you put this thing together ? I left 6 messages at Bogen/Avenger and emails to customer service, that was over 20 hours ago and I still haven't heard back. I think it's assembled correctly ? Maybe next time I'll order from Matthews.
To rent or buy ? The two philosophies when you need equipment. I could've rented a 20x20 for $400 but decided to buy one. It should be paid off in 2-3 jobs. I always like to have equipment at my finger tips, I find it stressful to rent. I'm a gear-head, I love Ebay and auctions. I lost track of my Speedotron heads after 20, I have no idea how many packs I have. I'm now on my Profoto kick. I got 2 tenba air cases off ebay last week for $50. Did I need them ? No, but what a deal ...., they retail for @ $350 each.

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Terry Smith Images said...

Wow, I've been reading through your blog archives and noticed you have a ton of different strobes and brands! 20+ Speedotrons though? :) I think I saw an Alien Bee or two in one shot as well.

Contact me if you ever want to sell some equipment. :)