Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eran Salu Business Leader court update

Yea !!!! The check is in the mail, says the NC clerk of courts. This is an update from going to court
Of all the post I’ve done this one seems to be the most popular. I’ve gotten over a dozen
emails and phone calls from people in NC, NJ, FL and as far away as India who believe they
are owed money by Eran Salu and Business Leader Media ( Business Leader Holdings LLC
incorporated in Las Vegas ).
This was never about the money but, the principal. I could of been paid right away, if I’d
signed away my rights to 6 years of photographs for Business Leader Magazine,
but I decided to go through the legal sysyem. The jobs were shot back in Oct. 2007
and Nov. 2007
the wheels of justice turn slow.
For everyone who has contacted me, all I can say is persistence pays off. Stay the course, keep all your records and don't give up. Knowing I can collect,
I’m now pursuing my copy right infringement case. I’m fortunate to have family and friends
that work for UNC law. I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.


C# said...

Good For you!

melvin_bakla said...

Eran Salu and Charles together with their country manager Erwin Damaso should be penalized for operating illegally here in the Philippines. They dont have proper license and permit to the Philippine Government.. Erwin bobo ka! pareho kayo ng alaga mong si melvin na bobo sinungaling pa. mga ahente nyong sipsip thuss and kate magagaling daw tang ina bobo naman.

BombayDiva said...

Hi. I am so glad you got your dues. Its like a point for our team. Eran Salu has been at it for too long. I am an ex-employee of the India division and have not been paid for June and July 09 (it is now October). Due to this, I lost my house because I couldn't afford to make the payments. I really hope Eran Salu thinks $500 is worth going to hell over.

I was wondering if there is any way to band together. Employees/Vendors from USA, India and the Phillipines. That is the only way we can take on a fat cat like him. Power in numbers and all that!!

mitch said...

Hi Bombay Diva! he hasn't been paying his Filipino employees. What the Philippine Director and HR Manager has been doing is getting their employees' backpays and salaries and using it to pay for utilities, etc since Eran hasn't been sending money...for 1 month now. For all of the employees who are still employed with BLGCC (Business Leader Global Contact Center, Philippines), they have been ordered to cease work until further notice. And they haven't even been paid yet for the payday of September 30 and October 15. They don't even pay the government mandated benefits, even if they deduct the money form the employees' salaries. What they do is use the money for whatnots instead of remitting it to the government. I'm going to sue them.