Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Knock Knock ?

Knock Knock ? Who's there ? Oh, it's Russell come to show me his new outfit. I'm trying to recover from my hard drive crash 4 weeks ago and battling the software demons of Extensis Portfolio 8.5.3 ( I'd been running version 5, and to get to the new version I had to go to 7 than 8.5.3., after downloading the software and countless calls to the west coast, they tell me there is a bug in version 8.5.3 and I have to run in DEMO mode. Should be fixed in 30 days ..... I've got @ 100 DVDs to catalog and it runs slow and no rhyme or reason as to what files it will read).
It was a nice break when Russell showed up. I was meeting with a new assistant in the area. What up Eli ? Thanks for the help. We went around the corner and did some shots, direct sun and an AB 800 full power for fill. I like Russell's new outfit, I've been shooting him for @ 5 years. He's 67 years old, has live at The Sir Walter for 20+ years, doesn't eat breakfast but has 2 eggs, bacon and hash browns for lunch.

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