Monday, August 31, 2009

Speedway series

I decided at the spur of the moment over the weekend to run up to Caraway Speedway in Sophia NC. This is just outside of Asheboro, lots of good signs to get there, hard to find the highway when you leave. I was expecting a small town junky track but was surprised by how nice the facility was. I have to say everyone was so nice at the track, they tried to feed me and give me drinks, they even helped carry my equipment around. I even met some famous racers Jimmy Johnson and a few others, I'm really bad with names. I think my favorite shot is the guy eating cherry pie by the track. I made the mistake of getting trapped in the pits for the first 150 lap race ( If you follow this blog you know how much I love racing ). The thing about being in the pit when the race starts is..... unless your on top of an RV or Semi you can't see what's going on. It felt like 500 laps to me ...... I had a good time and met some great people. Maybe 2 or 3 more tracks and I'll be done with the Speedway Project.

Tech info.- I forgot the Multi-cart and started off with the Profoto and AB's, but just to much to carry. Ended up with the 2 AB's and Vagabond and the PW's, still a lot to carry. It got real overcast towards the end of the day so I shot available light.

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