Friday, September 18, 2009

It never fails ..........

There was a travel day in the budget so I left a little early, thought I'd cruz the Blue Ridge Parkway do some hiking etc. It'd be interesting to look through the archives on this blog to see exactly how many times I've been up here shooting, 7 maybe 8 ?
It never fails the weather is always crappy rain,snow,fog. This time was no exception, it was chilly,foggy and rainy. I had my snowboard coat in the car left over from last winter ? I rolled the windows down and cruised the Parkway jamming to the Stones and the Cure. Kinda of a Zen moment.
I decided to hike to Crabtree Falls ( a moderate 1.5 mile rocky all downhill hike ). Had my Sinar ND filters with me, but not the right time of day for a great waterfall shot. I hadn't seen anyone for @ 2 1/2 hours and started thinking about Bears and gave myself the heebie jeebies, and made record time heading back up the trail.

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