Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Project "American Pawn" ?

A couple weeks ago I had a 2 day editorial shoot for a BIG Magazine, my feature got bumped due to Kennedy's passing away and the story is on hold ( what a bummer ). The story had a lot of substance about what is going on in America today, and so it got me thinking ........... I pass this Pawn shop on Wilmington street called "American Pawn" I thought it'd be interesting to photograph real people who are buying and selling stuff. I think it says a lot about the economy and what people are going through theses days. I did some test shots, my problem is the direct screaming sunshine coming straight onto the subjects. I'm trying to do this in my spare time and don't have time to fly in a 20x20. I'm not sure what I'm going to do ????? I think I'm more in love with the concept and title "American Pawn" than the execution so far.


bigtim said...

pawnshops rule


Stephen said...

A worthy project Bryan and an interesting study in human nature. Having been a pawnbroker for over 30 years, I've seen more than my share of pawn shop faces. You had better hurry however, because with the current power grab going on in our nation's capital, one stroke of the pen could cause this age-old industry to become extinct in the US. See my website for information.

Stephen said...


Bryan Regan said...

Wow, what a history and current state of pawnshops on your blog http://pawnonomics.com.
Spent some time going through the archives and will pick up Pawnonomics next time I'm at the book store.